Moving & Downsizing Services in Maryland, DC & Northern Virginia

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We aren’t movers.
We are the best decision you can make to simplify your move.

Potomac Concierge has experts you can trust to jumpstart your move efforts. Moving is almost always a stressful process, but it doesn’t have to impact your busy schedule. Whatever help you need, from overseeing movers to coordinating the entire process, you can turn to Potomac Concierge.

Contact us online or give us a call at (240) 200-4824 to schedule a consultation for our moving services today.

When Should I Hire Someone to Assist With My Move?

The reality is, moving is stressful. Unfortunately, daily responsibilities don’t just disappear when it’s time to move. Moving assistance from Potomac Concierge can make the process go smoothly without sacrifice. Unsure if hiring someone to help with your move is right for you? If you’re experiencing any of these situations, we can help:

  • You’re unable to take time off of work to move, or you don’t have a break between switching jobs.
  • You’re a stay-at-home parent and just the thought of trying to juggle kids and unpacking at the same time makes you uneasy.
  • Your move is during a busy season or overlaps with important holidays or events.
  • You’re overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff you need to pack and move.
  • You have no idea where to start when it comes to packing and unpacking effectively.

Whether you fit into one of those categories or you’re just looking to ease the burden that comes with moving, the professional organizers at Potomac Concierge can help. Contact us online or give us a call at (240) 200-4824 today!

Preparing to Move: How Can Potomac Concierge Help?

Taking inventory of your home, arranging belongings, coordinating moving services, and other moving-related tasks can leave your head spinning when added on top of your daily routine and responsibilities. Potomac Concierge can do those things and more to help you move. Our professional organizers can help you declutter your home prior to packing, so you aren’t packing unnecessary and unwanted items.

We can coordinate packing with a moving service if you’re pressed for time, and we will oversee the process and label items by room for your new home. Unsure of how you’ll organize your new home with your current furniture? Our concierges can even create floor plans for your new home to make the move-in process simple! No matter what type of services you’re looking for, we can customize a service package to meet your needs.

You don’t have to handle your move alone. Contact Potomac Concierge or call us at (240) 200-4824 for help with planning your move, from organizing and labeling boxes to overseeing professional packing services today.

Organizing & Unpacking Services in Maryland, Virginia & Washington, DC

Packing your belongings up can quickly become a disorganized mess. With move management services from Potomac Concierge, you can rest easy knowing your items will end up exactly where they belong in your new home. Our highly vetted professionals will ensure all of your belongings are properly sorted and labeled to make the unpacking process simple.

In addition to making sure the move itself goes smoothly as the moving truck is unloaded, we’ll also help by unpacking and organizing belongings to your liking, setting up electronics, and more. Just imagine—you’ve just moved, but your house has all of your kitchen cabinets and drawers unpacked and organized with care. Our concierge services will have you feeling at home faster.

Unpacking your home doesn’t have to mean your home has to turn into a tornado of cardboard and bubble wrap. The professionals at Potomac Concierge will get you settled in your home with ease. To schedule moving services near Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Potomac, and throughout northwest DC, contact Potomac Concierge or call us at (240) 200-4824 today.

Help With Downsizing in the DC Metro Area

Over time, downsizing your home just makes sense. If it’s time to transition to a smaller space, you typically can’t bring everything you own. Paring down belongings to a more reasonable level can also feel impossible. Once a third party is involved, it becomes easier to see things holistically. Our professionals will work with you to sort your possessions into categories such as keep, donate, discard, sell, and more, making the decision-making process as simple and easy as possible.

We can also arrange for a variety of other professional services and manage their arrival so you don’t have to. We can coordinate professional movers, home stagers, shipping, estate sales, storage facilities, and much more.

Make Moving Easy With Moving Services From Potomac Concierge

Potomac Concierge can help with any pre- or post-move job that you may have. Whether you’re looking for complete start-to-finish move management services or you’re just wanting someone you can trust to help pack and unpack in an organized way, you can count on Potomac Concierge to make your move go smoothly. We are certified by the NASMM for COVID 19 Prevention and Safety Excellence for Senior Move Managers.

Contact Potomac Concierge or call us at (240) 200-4824 for moving services and downsizing assistance in Arlington, Rockville, Potomac, and beyond.