Downsizing Your Office? Here Are Tips To Have A Smooth Move In Potomac

The success of teleworking over the past year has led many organizations to rethink the legitimacy of their pre-pandemic office space. As businesses prepare for a 2021 re-opening, the concept of a hybrid workplace is gaining ground, with some employees returning to the office and others working from home. If you’ve decided to downsize your […]

Pro Tips to Help You Declutter in the New Year

The New Year is a time of reflection, gratefulness, generosity, and renewal, and there’s no better time for a positive change. Use our home and office organizing tips to declutter your spaces, and start your new year off right! Top Tips for Home Decluttering at the New Year Make the best use of your time […]

7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Organizer for a Pre-Move Declutter in the DMV

Few people should move before a full house declutter. Nobody wants to start fresh in a new home with items no longer needed.  Even if you’ve been diligent over the years regularly paring down, choices must be made if you’re downsizing.  Getting rid of prized possessions isn’t easy and most people can benefit from professional […]

11 Tips for Adjusting to a Smaller Home

You may be downsizing your home for any number of reasons. Maybe you fell in love with another neighborhood that’s pricier than your current one. Perhaps you’re tired of a long daily commute. Are you an empty nester and can’t properly maintain a large home? If you are combining households with someone, then you are […]

5 Steps to Getting Rid of Your Stuff Before Downsizing

After many years in a home, most of us accumulate an excess of furniture, artwork, books, china, crystal, flatware, jewelry, clothing, sports equipment, and more. When it’s time to downsize, the challenge is figuring out what to do with all of it. You should end up with everything categorized into four groups: keep, trash, donate, […]

5 Ways Professional Organizers Declutter & Keep Peace in the Family

Are you downsizing after many years? Decluttering a home is tedious work and may cause friction in the family. Nostalgia can make clearing out a house nearly impossible, even if only one person in the household cannot let go. The process is a lot more than simply purging and delegating. Here’s how we can help […]

Downsizing: 6 Tricks Of The Trade

Is downsizing overwhelming you? Are you coaxing a loved one into moving to a smaller home? Reducing 30 years of clutter is daunting if you don’t know where to start. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone: 26% of senior homeowners say fear of downsizing is blocking a needed move. It’s understandable when you […]

Donate, Sell, or Throw Away?

Whether you’re moving or simply decluttering, a huge part of the organization process is letting go of the items that no longer serve you. Our rule of thumb is if you’re not using it and don’t love it, it’s time to let it go. Now, we realize for many this is easier said than done. […]

Tips for Downsizing your home – What to Discard

So far in our three part series of Downsizing Your Home, we’ve covered the basics of getting started, and dealing with Sentimental items and Family Heirlooms. Today we’re going to cover what to get rid of, and how. Part 3: What to discard The first rule of thumb, if it’s chipped, broken, or stained, toss […]

Deleted: Tips For Downsizing Your Home: Sentimental & Family Heirlooms

  In the first part of our series on Downsizing Your Home, we covered the basics of getting started. But once you’ve gone through the easy stuff, how do you deal with those sentimental objects and family heirlooms? Pictures your kids drew in first grade, that gift your spouse gave you on your first anniversary, […]

Tips for Downsizing your home – Getting Started

“Downsizing your home is a very emotional time when you face letting go of a lifetime of memories and confront a very different living situation,” says Libby Kinkead of The Moving Managers “People tend to cling to their possessions to avoid dealing with other issues, like stress, fear or even not knowing where to start.” […]

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