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Get Digital Clutter Under Control

Like physical clutter, disordered electronic devices can cause anxiety, wasted time, and lower productivity. Even pre-pandemic, the volume of digital communication was difficult to process. With a surge in personal and professional emails over the past year, inbox management is an uphill battle. Here are some tips to streamline your computer and phone, and to […]

Get In Line For Covid Vaccine: Tips On Getting an Appointment In the DC Area

In Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia, people aged 65 and over are among those eligible to receive the vaccine. However, with limited supply and high demand, getting one is difficult. You need to monitor the constantly changing information on vaccine providers and spend a lot of time on the phone or computer. Here are some […]

A Personal Assistant in Potomac Can Help Relieve Stress In These Ways!

We all know about work-induced anxiety, but what about personal challenges? According to a 2014 study by the Council on Contemporary Families, people are more stressed at home than at work. While employees may know what they’re supposed to do, people at home can lack that workplace clarity, have task lists that never end, and […]

Pro Tips to Help You Declutter in the New Year

The New Year is a time of reflection, gratefulness, generosity, and renewal, and there’s no better time for a positive change. Use our home and office organizing tips to declutter your spaces, and start your new year off right! Top Tips for Home Decluttering at the New Year Make the best use of your time […]

16 Tips to Ready Your Home for Winter

Leaves are starting to turn and the lazy days of summer are over. Although the DC/MD/NVA region has milder winters than some other metropolitan areas, there are some must-dos before the cold temperatures arrive. 1) Call Arborist The last thing you want during a winter storm is a tree falling on the house. Have an […]

Manage Your Time Better: Nine Tips from a Personal Assistant

Time is money, and many of us wish for more. Learn to better manage yourself, your family, or your business, and you’ll love your extra time, lower stress, and potentially higher income. Read on for time management tips from the experienced personal assistants at Potomac Concierge. Plan well ahead – Leaving things until the last […]

Here’s How Potomac, MD Personal Assistants Can Minimize Holiday Stress

Are you overly stressed at even the thought of the holiday season, or do you eagerly anticipate the joyous occasion? If your demanding job, social obligations, and busy kids leave little time for extra commitments like office parties, special outfit purchases, baking, and gift buying, consider getting help. A personal assistant will allow you to […]

5 Ways a Personal Assistant Makes Divorce Easier

Transitioning out of married life after a divorce is overwhelming. On top of holding a demanding job and raising kids, the list seems endless (rearranging finances, attending legal appointments, moving, etc). Hiring a personal assistant to alleviate all of this stress sounds too good to be true, but it works! Here are some of the […]

8 Tips for a Stress-free Start to a Family Vacation

Family vacations should be fun and memorable. With a busy family and demanding jobs, organizing a trip might add unnecessary stress to your life.  Whether you arrange it yourself, or have a professional organizer help, here’s a simple guide covering the basics:

Using Precious Time Wisely: 8 Ways a Personal Assistant Can Help

Do you wish for more time in a day to get the house in order or things under control at the office?  Hire a personal assistant and you’ll have a 2nd “you” for as much time as you need. Don’t be surprised when you see it makes economic sense, too.  People over-spend when they feel […]

3 Things a Personal Assistant Can Do for You

If you’re like most people today, your life is a busy one. Whether it’s juggling a full-time job with social, family, and community commitments, raising a family and trying to get other things done at the same time, or being a caregiver to an elderly relative while keeping up with your own life, there are […]

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