How Our Services Work


We help busy people get things done. Here’s how it works:

How do our services work? It begins with a phone call. Once we have an idea of your tasks, we match you with one of our personal assistants that are best suited to your desired experience and location. That person becomes your lead assistant and will communicate with you to complete requests.

Getting Started

For Home Maintenance Services – If your tasks include home maintenance, repairs or anything in your home, our first meeting would be there. At that time we would tour your home and note where the water turn-off is, fuse box , and major appliances. We would also take a picture of the label containing serial and model numbers for major appliances so if you contact us because your heat is out or dishwasher breaks we can call the right repair person and give them proper information without disturbing you.

For Organization Services – We would meet with you to discuss the project and develop a plan. Once we understand the flow in your home, what you need accessible and what you frequently use vs. occasionally, we can set up a system to organize and maintain order.

For Personal Assistant Services – Once we have an idea of your tasks, we match you with one of our assistants that are best suited to complete your tasks. That person becomes your lead assistant and will communicate with you to complete requests. Together we generate and prioritize your “to do” list. You can edit the list as needed. Your assistant will keep you updated as tasks are completed.

How to Make Requests from Your Lead Assistant

Requests can be communicated through email, phone call, or a Google Doc or Sheet with an ongoing list. It’s simple! You add tasks, we take care of it and let you know when it’s completed via the communication channel you prefer.

We’re Always Proactive

We always try to be proactive and stay on top of things to prevent emergencies. For example, if you have a home, we would send you the Fall Home Maintenance Checklist and remind you to clean gutters, have HVAC system checked and more or with your permission just take care of for you.

Billing & Cost

There is no membership fee when you work with us. Billing is by the hour. There is a 2 to 3-hour minimum if your assistant is required to leave the office, then we bill by 15-minute increments. Virtual work is billed in 15-minute increments. You will always be emailed or mailed (whichever your preference) a detailed invoice every two weeks. You can pay online, by check or credit card.

Why are we different? We only hire the absolute best professional organizers and personal assistants.

We are not your typical personal assistant agency. We take privacy very seriously and have an extremely strict hiring process so we can guarantee your tasks are handled discreetly, quickly, and above and beyond your expectations. We only consider prospective assistants when we have a personal reference. We NEVER advertise jobs; it’s only word of mouth through trusted references. We always complete a background check for, bond, and insure each assistant,  and we all sign confidentiality agreements. If we run into you in public, we would not acknowledge the relationship unless you did.

Each Personal Assistant or Organizer We Hire Is:

  • Customer service-oriented
  • Possesses excellent communication skills
  • Shows a proven ability to think on their feet
  • A self-starter
  • Always ready to take on new challenges
  • Able to work independently and has a proven record of dependability
  • Honest, ethical, and has integrity
  • Able to anticipate clients’ needs
  • Non-judgemental and compassionate
  • A proven problem-solver
  • Flexible and adapts well to change
  • A team player
Our Core Values
  • Always act with integrity
  • Always deliver “Wow” services
  • Make a difference in someone’s life
  • Always have a positive team family spirit
  • Always be passionate, determined and humble
Our Mission Statement

Potomac Concierge helps busy people focus on what is important to them while we take care of life’s “to do list” and emergencies. Our professional and mature team of problem solvers have helped individuals and corporations add extra time to the day by stepping into your shoes and getting things done.

“I have been receiving services from Potomac Concierge now for a year. I have been completely satisfied. JK has been working with me and has been terrific. She has helped me with my home office support and organization and with cleaning out/reorganizing several closets. She is always on time, tuned in and responsive to my needs and wishes, efficient — and we get a huge amount of things done!” – D.M. Bethesda

“I just got home from work and the place looks great! Thanks so much! You guys must get a real sense of satisfaction from bringing order to such chaos. My nephew LOVED it. My sis said he called his dad in Australia to tell him that professional organizers had made his house look like a brand new one.” – S

“Debbie has gone above and beyond what I expected and I would be absolutely sunk right now if it was not for her efforts. She refuses help carrying any bags and is always cheerful and bright. I truly do not know how she does what she does. Because of her – my home has transformed from a shell with me saying “how in the he** am I gonna get all of this done” to ”I can’t believe all of this is already done.” – J.T.P.

Get the Help You Need With Potomac Concierge

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