10 Tips on Labeling Boxes: Manage Your Move Efficiently

October 3, 2016 | Moving Tips

Labeling boxes properly during a move can be a laborious task, but it saves time and aggravation later. Follow these suggestions, and lower stress during the unpacking phase of your move.

1) Use permanent markers: Permanent markers don’t smudge or ruin labels.  Use medium thickness.

2) Write the departure room:  Write which room the box is coming from.

3) Write the destination room: Write which room the box is going to.

4) Write the contents: Pack likes with likes and don’t scrimp on your list of contents.  Make a special OPEN FIRST box with your essentials for the first night (e.g. towels, sheets).

5) Write on the top and two sides: When you get to the your house, your boxes will be stacked. Labeling needs to be on the top, as well as two sides.

6) Write handling instructions:  On boxes containing breakables, write FRAGILE or HANDLE WITH CARE in big red letters to attract the mover’s attention.

7) Use color coding: Dedicate a different color marker for every room. Yellow for the kitchen, pink for your daughter’s room, etc. This reduces the chance of error and saves you the aggravation of lifting heavy boxes after the movers have gone.

8) Print labels: Print out, or purchase, labels so you don’t have to write the same words repeatedly (e.g. FRAGILE, KITCHEN, BASEMENT).

9) Make an inventory: You don’t want to lose any boxes. Place a number on each box and make a list with the numbers, contents, and room (e.g. Box #1, Den, books)

10) Put coordinating labels on the doors in your new home: At your new home, place labels in the appropriate color on the door of each room (e.g. BEDROOM #1). You cannot be two places at once, and this saves confusion.

When you’re moving, labeling boxes the right way is time consuming.  If you have friends and family who can help, that’s fantastic! If you prefer to hire a professional organizer, call Potomac Concierge.  We will take care of the tedious tasks so you can focus on your family, job, and getting settled into your new home.

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