Using Precious Time Wisely: 8 Ways a Personal Assistant Can Help

June 10, 2016 | Personal Assistant

Do you wish for more time in a day to get the house in order or things under control at the office?  Hire a personal assistant and you’ll have a 2nd “you” for as much time as you need. Don’t be surprised when you see it makes economic sense, too.  People over-spend when they feel too busy and waste precious time when not organized. As the saying goes, time is money. Read on for ideas on how to regain control in our time-starved society. 


  • 60 % of Americans feel they lack time to get everything done
  • 55 – the number of minutes everyday Americans waste daily looking for things they own but can’t find
  • 20% of the clothes we own get worn 80% of the time
  • 80% of clutter is due to disorganization; not lack of space
  • 25% of people with 2-car garages don’t park any cars there
  • 25% of paper documents that are misplaced will never be found


Potomac Concierge has trained personal assistants to make your life easier. Here are just some of the ways we can help:

1) Arrange Services: Is your refrigerator not working properly, or the oven taking ages to pre-heat? Perhaps your furnace hasn’t been checked in a while.  Malfunctioning appliances are annoying and increase energy costs. Busy professionals with demanding jobs can’t stay home for 3 hours waiting for the repairman. A personal assistant can arrange everything.


2) Oversee Home Improvements: Always get 2-3 estimates before hiring anyone, especially for big projects. Research, investigating referrals, and setting up multiple quotes all take time. Ask a professional organizer to get the ball rolling on the new bathroom you’ve always wanted.


3) Organize: It’s hard to work, or to enjoy family and friends, in a cluttered home. Professional organizers will whip into shape all those troublesome areas in your house. Tele-work days may become more productive.


4) Make Phone Calls: Some calls on your to-do list just can’t be made at the office or on the road.  We all procrastinate with unpleasant tasks, so let us spend the time on hold while you live your life.


5) Comparative Shop:  Anyone can hastily book a flight, plan a vacation, buy theatre tickets, or purchase a new TV, but speed won’t get you the best deal.  Careful research can pay off in huge savings.


6) Use Vendor Lists: Personal Assistants have lists of tried-and-true service providers, including plumbers, electricians, landscapers, etc.  They are pre-screened for price and quality of work.


7) Do Errands:  The list can be endless – drycleaner, library, prescription pick-up, store returns, post office. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (2015) says employed women spend 2.3 hours per day on household jobs (excluding the shopping!). For men, it’s 1.4. Even if you’re losing 5 hours weekly to errands and other mundane tasks, get help and spend more time with family, or at work. It adds up to 260 hours per year!


8) Facilitate Family Meals: Eating out is often the fallback when you’re too busy. After a hectic day, who has the energy to buy groceries and make dinner? A Personal Assistant can lower your restaurant budget. We’ll get the food and wine for you, make that extra stop at Whole Foods, and re-organize your kitchen if necessary. All you have to do is prepare the meal in a relaxed atmosphere.


Consider winning back some of that lost time. It will lower stress, save money, increase the hours you’re available for paid work, or let you put your feet up. Call Potomac Concierge today to discuss personal assistant services in the Washington, DC area today.

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