A Personal Assistant in Potomac Can Help Relieve Stress In These Ways!

January 8, 2021 | Personal Assistant

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We all know about work-induced anxiety, but what about personal challenges? According to a 2014 study by the Council on Contemporary Families, people are more stressed at home than at work. While employees may know what they’re supposed to do, people at home can lack that workplace clarity, have task lists that never end, and live with people who may be difficult to motivate (e.g. kids). Here are just some of the ways Personal Assistants and Professional Home Organizers can help reduce your stress:

Enable Self-Care

We all have different stress triggers, but things like traumatic events, mental health issues, and care-giving all make self-care challenging. Getting help with whatever responsibilities cause you the most stress will improve your well-being, and your loved ones will notice the difference. 

Pay Bills

Managing expenses is time-consuming and few people enjoy this task. Overdue bills are costly with extra interest charges and also damage your credit rating. It makes economic sense to delegate this task to a Personal Assistant.

Budget Analysis

Knowing exactly how your money is spent isn’t always simple. Having a variety of bank accounts/ investments/credit cards at different financial institutions, supporting young-adult children getting launched, and juggling house renovations or repairs to a second home all require some organization and spreadsheet tracking. A Personal Assistant’s support will ease your mind.

Run Errands

It’s difficult to focus on the important things with that long list of tasks at the back of your mind. Have someone take care of your errands and avoid all that running around town.

Organize Files

Paperwork piled up is a common trigger for anxiety. Ask a Professional Home Organizer to sort through the clutter, to design a filing system that works, and to maintain order on a regular basis.

Manage Medical Claims

Submitting medical and dental claims, tracking repayments, and correcting errors made by providers or insurance companies is not something to neglect. There’s a lot of money at stake! There are Personal Assistants who specialize in medical insurance management.

Open Mail

Unopened mail may contain checks, invoices, wedding invitations and more. Imagine how you’d feel seeing a trusted Personal Assistant sorting the stacks of mail you’ve been looking at for weeks.


Important dates can get overlooked. A Personal Assistant can remind you of  birthdays, HOA due dates, and bills not on auto pay.

Make Appointments

When you’re busy, just the thought of being put on hold is stressful. Delegate this task!

Find A Plumber

Running a home is a big job. When repairs are needed, you want a qualified technician who won’t break the bank. Potomac Concierge maintains a vendor list of tried and true service providers.

There’s no need to suffer any longer. Get rid of all the tasks you can’t get to by delegating them to a professional. Contact Potomac Concierge and we’ll set you up with a Personal Assistant who will improve your life immediately. When working on-site during the pandemic, we adhere to all CDC guidelines. We also offer off-site personal assistant and home organizer services.

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