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October 22, 2021 | Personal Assistant

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Finding a personal assistant who’s able to meet the demands of your busy schedule is not as easy as one might think. Not only does the personal assistant need to have specific skills and experience, but the person hiring them also needs to have a firm understanding of what it is they need for the relationship to be considered successful.

If you’re wondering where to find a personal assistant that’s right for your needs, you’ve come to the right place: Read on to find out where to hire the best personal assistant for your unique needs.

What To Consider Before Finding a Personal Assistant

Before you start searching for “personal assistants near me,” you’ll need to do some internal searching first. The best way to ensure a strong relationship with your personal assistant is by having a thorough understanding of what you need from them. Take time to consider the following before beginning your search:

  • What qualities and attributes are most important to you in a personal assistant?
  • What kind of tasks will you require of your personal assistant?
  • Will you use your personal assistant strictly for professional reasons, personal reasons, or both?
  • At what time of day will you need the most assistance?
  • How many hours will you need help each day?
  • Will you need someone to come in periodically, or are you seeking a live-in assistant?

Knowing the answers to these questions first can help you get a head start on finding the right person to satisfy all of your needs.

What To Look for in a Personal Assistant

While there are specific attributes that are most important to your specific situation, there are certain characteristics that the best personal assistants all share. These include:

  • Communication: A personal assistant must be able to tackle many different tasks on time and with minimal instruction. To achieve this, they must be able to communicate effectively and ask clarifying questions to ensure each task is completed to your precise expectations.
  • Understanding: The ideal personal assistant will have a firm understanding of your business operations and demands. As you work together, your assistant will begin to intuit your needs and understand you more personally to provide an even better overall experience.
  • Flexibility: Your personal assistant should be able to plan and prioritize tasks with the flexibility to change priorities when urgent matters pop up unexpectedly. A strong assistant will be able to pivot quickly and without interruption no matter what curveballs get thrown in their way.
  • Trustworthiness: Above all else, you must be able to trust your personal assistant. This individual will be exposed to the most intimate details of your daily life. They must be able to keep such information confidential no matter what the circumstances may be.

It takes time to find a personal assistant that meets all of these criteria — not to mention all of the other important details you’ll need to check before hiring the right candidate!

How To Find the Right Personal Assistant

In addition to finding a personal assistant with the aforementioned characteristics, you’ll need to do your due diligence before offering them the job. The following tips can help you find a personal assistant who’s not only armed with the right qualities but who also has the right qualifications:

  • Be clear on your budget. It’s critical that you communicate what you’re able to afford upfront so that you and your assistant understand what to expect moving forward.
  • Check their professional history. Review your candidate’s qualifications, work visa (if applicable), professional references, and criminal history before making a final decision.
  • Schedule a trial run. No matter how perfect someone might look on paper, there’s always the possibility that they might not be the right fit. Find out ahead of time with a trial run.
  • Use a trusted agency. Companies like Potomac Concierge make it easier for professionals to find the personal assistants they need to tackle life’s challenges.

Where To Find the Best Personal Assistant

If you’re seeking a personal assistant to help you manage life’s chaos, the best place to start is at Potomac Concierge. Our team of experienced personal assistants possesses the qualities and qualifications necessary to help you manage your busy schedule with ease.

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