Here’s How Potomac, MD Personal Assistants Can Minimize Holiday Stress

December 4, 2017 | Personal Assistant

Help for the Holidays from Potomac ConciergePersonal Assistants for the New Year from Potomac Concierge

Are you overly stressed at even the thought of the holiday season, or do you eagerly anticipate the joyous occasion? If your demanding job, social obligations, and busy kids leave little time for extra commitments like office parties, special outfit purchases, baking, and gift buying, consider getting help. A personal assistant will allow you to sit back and enjoy the holidays in at least 10 ways.

  1. Holiday decoration – Hauling decorations from the basement, stringing outdoor lights, replacing worn bulbs, and buying items like wreaths or candles takes a lot of time and energy. Let us take care of it for you.
  2. Vacation planning – Have you booked your family vacation for winter break yet? One of our personal assistants can handle all of the arrangements.
  3. Party planning – Are you the party host this New Year’s Eve? We can plan the menu, hire a caterer, arrange for house cleaning, and more.
  4. Shopping help – Personal assistants are also personal shoppers. Sure, online shopping is convenient, but it still requires time and patience.  Delegate the task to us, and we’ll help you with gift suggestions and find the best deals.
  5. Home preparation – Preparing a house for overnight guests is a lot of work.  There may be new towels or sheets to buy, a bedroom to declutter, or food items to find in specialty stores.  A personal assistant will make your visiting friends and family feel at home.
  6. Gift wrapping – In addition to wrapping, you may need presents mailed and others hand delivered. Who has time for all of that?
  7. Errand running – During the holidays, lines are long (e.g., post office, grocery stores, countless places where you need errands run).
  8. Last-minute backup – Be prepared for the unexpected. It doesn’t matter how early you start—disasters happen at the wrong time. Let a personal assistant take care of the inevitable stuff that happens (e.g., car needing service, furnace malfunctioning, etc.).
  9. Post-holiday management – The holidays may be over, but the work isn’t. Taking down decorations and gift returns are among those dreaded tasks that a personal assistant can handle.  We’ll also reorganize your home to its pre-holiday state and make improvements, too!
  10. Time freeing – With the time freed up by a personal assistant, take care of yourself. Enjoy the outdoors, go to the gym, or meet friends for dinner.

Enjoy your holidays more than you ever have. Call Potomac Concierge today and ask about our experienced personal assistants. We guarantee you’ll love the holidays with no stress and pure joy!

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