Ask These Ten Questions Before Hiring a Professional Organizer

March 18, 2016 | Organization , Personal Assistant

professional organization in kitchen

Not just anyone can be a professional organizer, so how do you make sure to pick the right one? We’ve come up with a list of the ten most important questions that you should know the answer to before you hire a professional organizer.  

Top 10 Questions Before Hiring a Professional Organizer

  1. ARE THEY COMPETENT? A good personal organizer is empathetic, non-judgmental, respects confidentiality, listens carefully to what a client wants, and works cooperatively, not unilaterally, to reach your goals. A NAPO (National Organization of Professional Organizers) certification is a plus. And remember that readily available online reviews ensure only trustworthy professional organizers remain in business a long time.
  1. WILL THEY USE GOOD JUDGEMENT? The personal organizer you choose should exercise good judgment while handling your belongings, records, remodeling projects etc. Every job should be customized to your needs.
  1. WHAT METHODS DO THEY USE? Professional organizers use a variety of methods and tools to help people organize their space, time, and electronic and paper information. Everyone responds to specific styles, and you want an organizing approach that is consistent with your needs. How will the organizer keep track of everything – lists, sticky notes, color-coded tape, digitization of paper files, excel programs, etc.? A good organizer should ask questions about your routines and preferences to ensure they employ methods that will work for you.
  1. HOW WILL I MAINTAIN THE NEW SYSTEM? A good organizer will de-clutter and set up systems that run smoothly per your needs. A space that cannot be maintained by you, will revert back to the way it was. Potomac Concierge is always available to come back for maintenance visits.
  1. WHO ARE THEIR EMPLOYEES? What type of people does the business hire, do they work alone or in a team, and how do they vet their service providers? Are they background checked, are they insured or bonded?  You can never be too careful when hiring someone to come into your home.
  1. HOW LONG IS THE WORK DAY? In what increments does the personal organizer work – 3 hours? 8 hours? Are they flexible to your schedule and energy level?
  1. WHAT ABOUT SUPPLIES? Does the organizer provide all supplies or must I purchase them? Depending on the job, these could include small things like a few boxes or tape, or larger supplies such as storage systems and furniture. All needs should be determined after the organizer has previewed the space and determined how you operate.
  1. WHERE WILL THEY START? If you need home organization or a de-cluttering of your house, where would a personal organizer begin? A competent professional should draft a project plan that is approved by you, and usually begins with the high traffic areas, such as the foyer and kitchen.
  1. WHAT WILL MY ROLE BE? What services does the organizer handle, and what responsibilities will be yours? If you need help moving, for example, will he/she take care of the donations and trash pick-ups? Clear delegation of tasks should be determined.
  1. DO YOU PHOTOGRAPH MY HOME? If privacy is a concern, a professional organizer who insists on taking photographs and posting them on their website may not be your best choice.

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