5 Ways a Personal Assistant Makes Divorce Easier

October 9, 2017 | Personal Assistant

How Personal Assistants Help with Divorce

Transitioning out of married life after a divorce is overwhelming. On top of holding a demanding job and raising kids, the list seems endless (rearranging finances, attending legal appointments, moving, etc). Hiring a personal assistant to alleviate all of this stress sounds too good to be true, but it works! Here are some of the ways Potomac Concierge can help you through this difficult time:

  1. Moving – Changed family circumstances often require moving. Tighter finances and the potential challenge of staying in your school district can make moving extra stressful. A move manager can free up more of your time to spend on the multitude of other divorce-related tasks you cannot delegate.
  2. Downsizing – Oftentimes, a divorce means downsizing. Professional organizers will get your home decluttered for a faster sale and ensure you’re well organized for the smaller space.
  3. Taking on ex’s chores – Did one of you take care of the yardwork? What about the bills and health insurance? Perhaps one of you watched the kids after school. A personal assistant can save you the hassle of researching a different home maintenance service or professional every time the need arises. A personal assistant means a one-stop call. We will arrange for computer repair, regular house cleaning, child care, grocery shopping, or leaf raking (to name a few).
  4. Offering helpful tips – Personal assistants are experienced in all facets of home management and can give you a crucial checklist. For example, if you are still living with your spouse and need privacy for ongoing legal issues, have you opened a PO box? Have you changed your will yet? What about your kids’ emergency contact numbers?
  5. Giving you time to take care of yourself – With divorce, it’s easy to let yourself go with so many competing demands on your time. A personal assistant can make the difference in giving you the opportunity to maintain your exercise regime, keep in touch with friends, get your hair done, or golf on the weekend.

Divorce is like taking on another full-time job, and you can benefit from assistance during this challenging time. Our carefully vetted personal assistants love helping people and are used to handling sensitive matters. We respect your privacy and will enable you and your kids to live in a more relaxed setting. Contact us online or call (240) 200-4824 today!

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