Selling your house after you move in a hurry

Much of the population chooses to sell their house before actually moving, but what happens if you need to move in a hurry and don’t have the time to sell your house beforehand?

If your house is still unsold after you move, the process of finding a buyer can be much more difficult.

Realty Times has compiled a list of tips to assist sellers in these situations, including to:

  • Stay in close contact with your real estate agent
  • Try to leave some furniture in your house, as viewing a furnished house better interests prospective
  • If you leave the house unfurnished, touch up the paint where necessary and freshen up with neutral-colored paint to make the walls stand out
  • Hire someone to maintain the external appearance of your house (mowing the lawn, raking the leaves)
  • Get your carpets professionally cleaned
  • Consider staging your house to help potential buyers envision how it can be set-up

For more tips on what to do in these situations and for professional assistance with your move, contact The Moving Managers.