Get Your DMV House Ready for Spring Market

March 8, 2019 | Moving Tips

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Why the Hurry?

If you’re a DC area resident thinking of selling your house this year, keep in mind that timing is really important. According to Zillow, the best time to sell a DMV home is in the spring—particularly April 16-30. During this period, listings sell an average of 18 days faster and 1.1% higher. Sellers who list in that window can make an average of $3,800 more on the sale, or a 0.9% premium.

Why Is Spring A Hot Market?

Season of Renewal – Whether we’re thinking of a new car, a new TV, or a new home, spring is the season when we feel more motivated to make large purchases.

Pent-Up Demand/Supply – Buyers and sellers spend more time indoors during the winter, planning their purchase or sale, than actually making a purchase or listing their home.

Kids – The school year ends in May/June, and parents want their children to be settled in the new district before the fall.

House Inspections – They are more difficult in winter. Roofs can be hard to access and in-ground sprinkler systems may be covered in snow.

Consumer Confidence – By springtime, holiday bills are paid, school expenses are declining, and perhaps tax refunds have been received.

How to Get Ready by April

Pare Down – A full-house declutter is the first step in making your house look more presentable and appear more spacious. This is the most tedious task, so start now. If you’re too busy or lack others to help, it’s worth hiring a decluttering service.

Repairs – Hire a handyman to fix the leaky faucet and chipped walls. Ask him to re-attach the kitchen cupboard door. Think “move-in condition.”

Staging – Consider home staging help if your furniture is worn or the layout isn’t attractive. Get new towels for all bathrooms and duvet covers for the beds. Buyers need to see your home at its absolute best.

Full Cleaning – Buyers don’t like dirty homes. Don’t forget to have the windows cleaned—the drapes/blinds, too. Even the garage should be organized and clean.

Curb Appeal – If you’re behind on landscaping, get a professional to spruce up your yard. You want potential buyers driving by to call for a showing.

Get Moving Help – A professional project manager for your move may be in order. A move manager can turn a cluttered home in need of some repairs into a saleable house in time for the spring market.

Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it may take a whole team of professionals to ready your home for an April listing. If you’re motivated to sell, but need some help getting your house in shape, call Potomac Concierge. Our experienced move managers, declutter experts, and home stagers will make your house look beautiful. Our professional organizers know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to any room, including the attic and garage. We also know who to call for landscaping work, house cleaning, repairs, and other home maintenance services.

Contact Potomac Concierge to get started and have your house ready for sale by spring!

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