You’re already doing THE most important thing you can to slow the spread of the coronavirus, and that is social distancing. Isolated inside our homes, many of us are still feeling helpless and want to do more. Here are some of the ways you can make a

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How Decluttering Your Home Will Improve Your Health

Clutter can significantly affect how we feel about our homes and ourselves. Does a disorganized house make you feel anxious and overwhelmed? Perhaps if you understand the physical impact of clutter on your body, you’ll be motivated to pare down those closets and that overflowing garage! “ForRead more

8 Common Trouble Spots in Home Decluttering

If a decluttered house is one of your 2020 goals, here is some information to help motivate you. Be assured that the challenges are shared by many of us! The two most common causes of clutter are excessive items or a lack of storage space. Here’s a

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