What Can a Personal Concierge Do for You?

September 24, 2021 | Concierge

The short answer? A lot! Personal concierges specialize in simplifying life’s chaos to help you get back to the things that matter most. Whether you’re a single parent juggling soccer practice with dance recitals or a business professional trying to do it all, a personal concierge can tend to all the things that would otherwise slip through the cracks.

You’re Busy — Let a Personal Assistant Handle It

Sometimes, it feels like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to take care of life’s many tasks. With a personal assistant by your side, you’ll suddenly feel like you have all the time in the world. These organizational professionals aren’t just experts at tackling the projects you’re too busy to take on; they’re also adept at adhering to your personal standards of excellence. There are many different things that a personal concierge can help you with, including home management, time management, gifting, paperwork, and lifestyle management.

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Home Services

Different than just a cleaning service, your personal concierge can help you hold down the fort while you’re off taking care of business. Home services that a personal concierge might help you with include the following:

  • Management and maintenance: Whether you’re waiting for a special delivery that requires a signature or you need to find a plumber to fix your toilet, a personal concierge can help.
  • Remodeling management: Your personal assistant can help facilitate your home remodeling process, relaying your direction to the remodeling team to ensure the project is meeting your exact expectations.
  • Life organization: A personal concierge can even help reorganize and declutter your home, allowing you to free up more space and live a more structured, organized life at home.

Gift Services

Never arrive to a party empty-handed again: Your personal assistant will listen carefully to your needs, even if that happens to be buying a personalized present for a friend or family member. Whether you’re holiday shopping, recognizing an employee, or simply need a bottle of wine before the night’s dinner party begins, a personal concierge can help. They’ll even wrap the gift for you, so the only thing you’ll have to worry about is remembering who to give it to!

Paperwork Services

Is that stack of paperwork piling dangerously high on your desk? A personal concierge can help sift through all your documents so you can get back to worrying about more important things. Paperwork services that a personal assistant can provide include:

  • Bill payment: Personal concierges are trained to be as discreet and confidential as possible, making them a trusted companion to have when it comes time to pay the bills.
  • Document compilation: Whether you’re submitting a FAFSA application for your college student or are compiling documents to renew your driver’s license, a personal assistant can help collect what you need.
  • Litigation support: If you’re in the middle of a legal battle, trust your personal concierge to keep your legal documents organized.
  • Insurance claims: Let your personal assistant handle the insurance claims filing process on your behalf.

Lifestyle Services

Along with all the other incredible services that a personal concierge can provide, the following are also included:

  • Personal shopping
  • File management and organization services
  • Entertainment and travel planning services
  • Professional organization services
  • Divorce concierge services

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