7 Steps to an Organized Garage

garage organization dc, professional organizersWhen spring is in the air, many people begin to notice just how out of control their garages have become.  In fact, more than half of homeowners with two-car garages still park on the driveway or street due to clutter. They may be filled with old bikes and no-longer-used camping gear, but garages can also be dumping grounds for other unused items we don’t know what to do with, such as broken furniture or inherited silver we never even wanted. Here are some tips from Potomac Concierge’s organization experts to reclaim your garage:


Keep an eye on the weather forecast and wait for a rain-free day. Pull everything (and we mean everything) out of the garage and onto your driveway. Take this opportunity to sweep out the garage.


Place each item into one of four categories – keep, trash, donate, and sell. If you haven’t used something for over a year, consider getting rid of it. Check out our recommendations of where to donate items here.


If things in your garage belong elsewhere throughout your home, move them to the most appropriate spot.


As you move things back into the garage, create zones by item category. You may have areas such as automotive, sports, trash/recycling, gardening, and household/DIY.


Frequently used items like trash bins, dog leashes, or shopping bags should be within easy reach. Bulky items like lawn mowers and wheelbarrows should be in the back. Rarely used items like spare tires should be placed on higher shelves or ceiling boards. Tools, rakes, and bikes are best on the wall.


Don’t buy elaborate systems until you’ve tried basic things like hooks, bike racks, and shelving. These all maximize the use of vertical space. Swap out cardboard boxes for plastic bins that keep insects and rodents out.


Sort through the garage every season, or at least twice a year. Spending a bit of time maintaining your garage a few times a year will save a lot of work later.

If you lack the time, motivation, or physical strength to tackle your garage, call Potomac Concierge for help at (240) 200-4824. Our experienced professional organizers will transform the space into your dream garage where everything has a place, including your cars!

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