5 Steps for Organizing Your Closet

June 24, 2021 | Organization

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Is your closet looking more and more like an impossible game of Tetris? We’ve all been there before — rifling through endless piles of clothes while struggling to keep an avalanche of knick-knacks from falling onto our heads. If this sounds all-too-familiar, it’s probably time to roll up your sleeves and start organizing your closet.

But where do you start with such a chaotic mess?

Not to worry — the professional closet organization experts at Potomac Concierge have put together a step-by-step guide to closet organization that will leave your space looking spectacular. Let’s get started!

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Closet Organization

Step One: Set the Stage

Before you dive into your claustrophobic closet, choose a designated “staging” area where you will empty all your belongings. When we say “all your belongings,” we mean everything: clothes, hangers, boxes, blankets, old report cards, photographs — all of it must come out. Where you choose to place these belongings is up to you; we recommend either on your bed or in an empty corner of the bedroom.

Pro tip: Set up a collapsible clothing rack where you can hang your clothes so you can easily see everything that’s there. Once you’re done organizing, you can use this in your laundry room as a drying rack — win, win!

Step Two: Categorize Your Closet

After you’ve emptied your closet, it’s time to start categorizing your belongings. This will require you to go through each item and decide whether or not you want to keep, toss, or donate it. We recommend collecting these items in a large bin, cardboard box, or carpenter bag to keep things more organized. It’s also a good idea to label each container, so you don’t forget which is which.

Step Three: Process of Elimination

As you go through the items in your closet, take the time to identify objects that don’t belong there. One of the biggest causes of excess clutter is stuffing items that belong in other rooms into random closets throughout the home. Find these out-of-place items and return them to their rightful homes as you go through and categorize each item.

Pro tip: Create a fourth category for the items you find in your closet that belong in other rooms. Label this pile clearly so you can access it easily and return them to their storage space once you’ve finished organizing your closet.

Step Four: Say Your Goodbyes

Now comes the hard part: Saying goodbye! This can be a challenging task for some, but it’s a necessary part of closet organization. Before you get started, it’s a good idea to set some ground rules. Ask yourself:

  • Do I love this item?
  • Do I need this item?
  • Would I buy this again at full price?
  • Would I wear this tomorrow if the conditions were right?
  • Would I fight to keep it?
  • Does this item still fit?

You may find yourself answering “no” to these questions more easily than you anticipated. Once you’ve identified the items that you’re willing to part ways with, you can either donate, sell, or throw them away.

Step Five: Clean Your Closet

Now that you’ve finished sorting through all of your stuff, it’s time for the last step: Cleaning the closet itself. Pick up any stray clothing tags, receipts, and other debris that may be lingering on your closet floor. Vacuum up any dust bunnies and dust your clothing racks, if needed, before placing your belongings back inside.

Pro tip: Apply a fresh coat of paint if you notice any chipping or peeling in your closet. And further organize your closet by installing hooks, shoe racks, or cubbies to keep things more easily accessible and structured.

Professional Closet Organization by Potomac Concierge

Does the very thought of going through your closet give you anxiety? We understand how overwhelming the closet organization process can be for some clients. That’s why Potomac Concierge offers professional closet organization services to help you sort through your stuff as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Allow our team to help you create a more effective use of your space by helping you pare down items, organize and store seasonally, and create a clear organization plan that you can keep going long after we’ve left.

Contact our team to schedule professional closet organization services in your Maryland home today!

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