Reducing waste when you move

Are you worried about the impact that your past moves have had on the economy? A 1997 study by the United States Environmental Protection Agency revealed that more than 1,580 pounds of waste is generated by one person per year and that the majority of that waste comes from paper (602 pounds).

A solution to this waste problem has been the increase in recycling, as 42 percent of all paper is now recycled. The EPA and Realty Times have compiled a helpful list of suggestions to reduce waste when you move.

Some Tips For Reducing Clutter When Moving

  • Saving boxes beforehand rather than buying new boxes
  • Pack clothes and linens in duffel bags or suitcases that you already own
  • Recycle boxes once you have completed your move
  • Check to see if your moving companies have reusable storage crates, such as Repax
  • Have a yard sale before you move to lighten your load

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