Tips for Moving: Seven Things Not To Move

Moving Tips – before moving, make sure you’re only taking what you what.

What Not To Pack up To Move

  1. old clothes you no longer wear,
  2. furniture you don’t like or can’t use in the new home,
  3. broken items or other things you meant to repair but never got around to,
  4. books you haven’t reread in a decade,
  5. linens for beds you no longer own,
  6. “extra” parts to the dishwasher from the house you left 20 years ago,
  7. every trophy your kids ever won (and don’t want at their house!)

These are the sorts of things we acquire and store in our basements and garages, linen closets, kitchen pantries and tool sheds. Now’s the time to sort through it all and move only what you know you’ll use and have a place for.

If you need help, Potomac Concierge and The Moving Managers can help! We  organize the move-in so that your stuff is placed in logical order, customized to how you’ll use your new space, within 24 hours of your move to the new home.


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