Your Quick Fix to a Messy Move: Professional Organizers to the Rescue

July 28, 2017 | Moving Tips

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Have you just moved and clothes are on the floor, and your pantry items are on the couch?  Are boxes piling up because there is no place to put stuff?   When movers do an unpack, they do not put items away – they unpack them.  It is great to have the boxes and paper removed,  but quickly counter space runs out so items end up on furniture and the floor.  A professional Organizer can assess the space, and work alongside the unpackers to keep a flow going and get everything unpack and put away!!

Fast-track your move –  Depending on the extent of chaos, a whole team of professional organizers can arrive at your house quickly. We’ll ensure you can sleep there TONIGHT.

Create organization systems that work – The closets, storage areas, and kitchen layout are likely different than in your old home. Leave it to a professional to come up with a new system that works.  Placing items then becomes a breeze.

Offer helping hands for lifting – Settling into a new home usually involves some lifting, carrying, walking up and down stairs, etc.  You can struggle with getting your families’ beds set up, or we can get it done pronto as a team.  Don’t risk injury.

 Help orientate you – Whether you’ve moved from out of state or within the DMV region, every neighborhood is different. We know the best grocers, the closest hardware store, the reliable dry cleaner, etc.

Get you supplies  –There are always unexpected purchases to make when you move, and oftentimes you cannot properly unpack without them. Your old home may have had built in shoe racks. The new place doesn’t and you’re too busy to go shopping.  Do you have shelf lining for the kitchen?

Give you peace of mind – After all the time, money, and effort invested in your move, don’t scrimp on the most important step – making your new house a home.

Call Potomac Concierge today and we’ll come to the rescue. In a few hours, we’ll whip your new place into shape and ensure you have a relaxed, calm atmosphere for your family.

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