Last Minute Move-In Help – 8 Ways a Move Manager Can Lower Your Stress Level

October 18, 2019 | Concierge

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Moving homes is stressful. Even the best planner in the world may not always know ahead of time how much help they’ll really need after the moving van is gone. Last-minute help is available if you live in the DMV. Here are some scenarios that may apply to you:

1) HEAVY BOXES/FURNITURE IN THE WRONG LOCATION – Sometimes you need to live in a house for a few days before figuring out the best spot for everything. Where do you find a reputable small mover at the last minute to help carry 20 book boxes from the attic to the basement? With your bad back, how will you get the large desk from the main level den up to your son’s bedroom?
2) HANDYMAN TASKS – Hanging pictures requires a vision as well as the right tools. A good handyman together with a professional organizer can ensure your artwork is hung appropriately, the blinds are correctly installed, and any new furniture is assembled.
3) REPAIRS – When you viewed the house with your realtor, did you test the dryer? Now you see it squeaks. Where are you going to find a trusted appliance repairman if you’re new to the city?
4) ORGANIZATION – The moving crew may have unpacked, but did they organize everything nicely or is your dining room table full of miscellaneous items? Do your kids have clutter-free areas for homework?
5) SERVICES – A house gets pretty dirty after moving in. Do you have a cleaner arranged? What about a lawn service?
6) ERRANDS – Your to-do list can be long after moving in. You may need shelf brackets for the kitchen cupboards or for the living room built-ins, shower curtains, and towels for the bathrooms you didn’t have in the old house, or front door mats.
7) DESIGN ADVICE – Sometimes two heads are better than one. Figuring out how to organize everything in a new space can take some creative thinking. Input from a professional organizer may be what you need.
8) KIDS’ ACTIVITIES – If you have children, have you thought about where they will take ballet or soccer? If you’re overwhelmed with disarray, are finding it difficult to stay on task at work, or are unable to give your children the attention they need, ask for help. Call Potomac Concierge and we’ll turn things around in a day or two so you can focus on your career and family and be able to relax in your new home.

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