11 Video Conferencing Tips to Help Look and Sound Your Best

August 10, 2020 |

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These days, many of us are connecting through Zoom meetings. If being on camera is new to you, read on for things to consider to ensure you are being seen and heard in the best light possible.

1) BACKGROUND – Your messy bookshelf is distracting to others. You don’t need a white-studio background, but ensure it’s clean and uncluttered so your colleagues, friends, or family will focus on your message. Opt for a stock image from your computer as a background image. Alternatively, use your physical surroundings but be smart about it. The kitchen works, as long as it’s not cluttered. If you must video conference from your bedroom, make the bed first and put away your clothes!

2) LIGHTING – This may be the most important component. Soft, direct daylight or non-yellow light is best. If you can move your device, place it in front of a window. Do not film with a light behind you, or your face will be too dark. Do not have a light above you, because shadows will be cast on your face. If you cannot move your device, place a white light lamp (with shade) behind the computer to create a similar effect as a window.

3) DISTANCE – Don’t place yourself too close to the computer, or you’ll look unattractive. Don’t stray too far either. The ideal is to be at a distance so that your shoulders and entire head are in the frame.

4) CAMERA ANGLE – To achieve the most flattering angle, ensure the lens is slightly above eye level (hairline is good). It will also force you to sit up straight and avoid any tendency to slouch. If need be, place your computer or phone on a stack of books.

5) SOUND – If possible, enhance the sound of your voice. There are add-ons you can buy for about $50.

6) MUTE – When the group is large, it’s best to mute your sound when not speaking. This ensures others don’t hear your incoming calls, pets barking, or family members.

7) HEADPHONES – Wear headphones only when necessary as it may be distracting to others.

8) MAKEUP – Any makeup should be basic. Women who seldom wear it may want to consider enhancing their eyes slightly (e.g., mascara, eyebrow pencil). Your eyes are the focus on everyone’s screen. Men and women, consider a little face powder if you have a stressful call. People sweat when they’re nervous and your face may end up shiny.

9) HAIR – If you tend to touch your hair a lot, keep it off your face in a simple style. Don’t draw attention away from your message to your hair!

10) CLOTHING – Solids are the best. Stripes and patterns can be distracting.

11) TEST RUN – Before an important video conference, do a test. Do you like what you see?

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