Thanksgiving SOS: 7 Tasks for a Personal Assistant/Organizer

November 13, 2019 | Concierge

Even with no major disruptions, getting everything done in time for Thanksgiving can be a challenge. If you’re already stretched due to a life-changing event such as a recent move, new job, surgery, illness in the family, a new baby, or a home renovation, then a new strategy is in order.
Thanksgiving table
1) PLAN MENU​ – This year, you can’t prepare all those dishes your whole family loves and looks forward to eating. This doesn’t mean giving up hosting the dinner and having great food. An experienced personal assistant knows which caterers you can count on for a fabulous meal. Alternatively, a plan can be drafted to farm out the dishes to family members living nearby.
2) READY THE HOUSE ​ – Now is the time to get the final boxes unpacked, spaces decluttered and organized – an organizer can do just that.
3) DECORATE HOUSE​ – The table needs a centerpiece and the front door wreath needs replacing. There will be 12 people around the dinner table and you’ve got only 10 place settings. Let a creative personal assistant take over this task.

4) PREPARE FOR OVERNIGHT GUESTS​ – Life is too short to cancel the longed-for visit by your grandkids. Someone must arrange all the food, make sure the beds are made up, purchase new towels, and plan fun outings. Where will the new grandbaby sleep and who will declutter the guest room? A personal assistant will get it all done.

5) RUN ERRANDS​ – It’s hard to predict every single task but there are always last-minute runs to the store a few days before Thanksgiving. Waiting in long lines, fighting for parking spaces, and keeping calm under pressure all take their toll.
6) START DECEMBER PREP​ – Right after Thanksgiving is the time to think about phase 2 of the holiday season. If you’ll be having a photo insert in your greeting cards, it’s not too early to arrange. A personal assistant can take care of photo printing and get a head start addressing envelopes. Do you need someone to put up outdoor holiday lighting? Book the service now!
7) ARRANGING TRAVEL​ – Perhaps you can travel in another month. Do you have the time to do the research and make the flight and hotel bookings? What about arranging for pet care and house checks while you’re away?
If you’re undergoing a temporary setback, you can still enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. Call Potomac Concierge and our dedicated personal assistants will make it happen. Your home will look festive, the food will be delicious, and your guests will be comfortable. Most importantly, you’ll have peace of mind!
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