8 Tips to Manage a Move Safely During the Coronavirus Pandemic

May 11, 2020 |

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If your move can be delayed, that’s your safest option. If not, rest assured that you can move into your new home safely and in a healthy, seamless, non-stressful fashion. Here are some things to consider:

1) DON’T SKIMP ON MOVE ESTIMATES – There’s no need to have a traditional in-person walk-through. Opt for FaceTime or Zoom. Alternatively, hire a Move Manager experienced with pandemic moves to arrange for two to three quotes. In-person estimates can take place at a time when you and your family are not at home.

2) BE IN FREQUENT CONTACT WITH THE MOVING COMPANY – Guidelines, rules, and levels of comfort are constantly changing in this uncertain environment. Even though moving is an essential service, keep asking your moving company if they are operating, and what safety measures they have adopted. You may need a Plan B, so be prepared.

3) USE NEW PACKING SUPPLIES – Don’t be tempted to reuse boxes and supplies from a friend or neighbor. The virus can remain on cardboard for 24 hours.

4) PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING – Everyone should work together to keep this in practice.

5) MOVE DAY – Ensure that your family and the moving crew will have access to soap and fresh water at both homes, and that you have a sufficient supply of face masks and gloves for everyone.  Placing hand sanitizers throughout both the home you are moving from and the home you are moving to is also a good idea.

6) PLAN FOR THE YOUNG AND ELDERLY – It can be difficult to police social distancing and hand-washing rules with young children. In the midst of a busy move, it’s even harder. Do you have a caregiver who can watch the kids on move day? If an elderly person is involved in your move, there may be additional precautions you must take.

7) CONSIDER TEMPORARY RELOCATION – In the best of times, moving is difficult without outside help.  If you are balancing family with teleworking, the extra stress of a move may be too much.  If you have either a vacation home or family members you can stay with while your house is packed up and moved, consider that option.  A professional Move Manager from Potomac Concierge will help you find a place to stay if need be, and handle the whole move while you shelter in a safe place with your loved ones.

8) SANITIZE YOUR NEW HOME BEFORE ENTERING – If you can have a day’s lag between move-out and move-in days, then a complete deep clean of your new home can be done after the moving crew is gone.  Failing that, sanitize all doorknobs and light switches, bathrooms, and the kitchen the best you can.

We are all feeling stress about the public health crisis, and there’s a need to adjust the usual way of doing certain things. Your top priority is keeping you and your family safe.  Let Potomac Concierge worry about your move.  Our seasoned Move Managers know how to handle your relocation during the pandemic. Using technology, social distancing, careful packing procedures, frequent hand-washing, and personal protection, we will take care of everything.

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