How to Prepare Kids for a Move During a Pandemic

July 10, 2020 | Moving Tips

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Moving into a new home is exciting for most children, but the temporary disruptions of a relocation can also be stressful. In these uncertain times, it is even more important to plan every stage of a move in advance to ensure the process is seamless and safe for your kids.

Tips to Make Your Move Stress-Free for Your Kids

GET THEM INVOLVED – Make sure there are no surprises. Display a calendar showing the big milestones up to move day such as the house inspection, packing days, and move day.

TOUR YOUR NEW NEIGHBORHOOD – If possible, in advance of move day, take the kids to check out the parks, school, ice cream shop, toy store, and community center.

HAVE THEM PACK THEIR FAVORITE ITEMS – If they’re old enough, ask your children to pack up their most treasured toys or anything that is extra special to them. Arrange to have them unpacked FIRST.

OBTAIN THEIR INPUT ON ANY BEDROOM UPDATES – To the extent possible, ask your kids for input on paint colors, furniture, or new sheets/towels you are planning for their new rooms.

MAINTAIN SCHEDULE – As much as possible, keep to their routine before, during, and after the move.

PRIORITIZE SAFETY ON MOVE DAY – Have a friend or family take the kids for a drive or to a park that’s operating safely for those few hours when neither house is inviting for a child.

PROVIDE COMFORT – Surround your youngest children with at least some of their favorite things before, during, and after the move. Create a safe space away from all strangers in your new home on move day for your children to relax and play as soon as they arrive at the new house.

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