5 Tips To Get Your Home Ready for Winter

October 4, 2018 | Personal Assistant

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It’s essential to start preparing your home early in the fall before temperatures begin to fall. Mother Nature is sometimes unpredictable, and winter comes earlier than expected.

Our detailed checklist covers all aspects of home care and maintenance that you will need to tend to before winter hits.

1. Schedule Your Landscaping 

Landscaping services do more than take care of your lawn and manicure your landscaped areas. Fall is the best time to replace your perennials or add a few trees and shrubs.

Rake your lawn or schedule a visit for your landscaper to come and collect them. It’s also an excellent time to get on the list for snow removal. Not all landscaping companies offer this; we know a few who do!

2. Take Care of Any Exterior Home Projects 

Leaving exterior home projects until next spring may spell disaster if they compromise your home’s energy efficiency. Fixing your windows and doors and repairing cracks in your driveway and sidewalks are the best ways to keep your home secure and your family safe.

3. Check Your Windows and Doors 

Your windows and doors not only let you inside but can also allow other things inside. The weather stripping can deteriorate, causing gaps that allow warm air to escape and cold air to find its way inside. If the cracks are big enough, mice and rodents can squeeze through and become unwanted house guests.

Remove your window AC units and store them out of the way and check your windows and doors carefully. Keeping your windows and doors sealed will also secure your home.

4. Get the Inside of Your Home in Order 

You can do several things inside your home to get things in order. Decluttering your home is a huge step toward better organization for your space. Your home will look better and make it much easier to thoroughly and deep clean each room.

Put your summer clothes away, declutter your closets and storage, and bring out the parkas and hoodies. Switch the direction of your ceiling fans so the warm air is circulated downward. The little things can save you big on your energy bills.

5. Work on Your Outdoor Maintenance 

Outdoor maintenance is just as necessary as your indoor maintenance tasks. Cleaning your gutters is one way to ensure your roof is protected in the winter. Making sure water can flow away from your roof prevents ice buildup and will keep your shingles from being damaged.

Ensure all your outdoor lighting works and any outdoor cameras have fully charged batteries. Put away any garden hoses and pick up any toys or lawn tools lying outside.

Potomac Concierge Can Help You Get Your Home Ready

When it’s time to start preparing for the cold winter months, your first call should be to Potomac Concierge. We know your home’s to-do lists by heart and are the ultimate professionals for getting everything done quickly and efficiently.

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