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“My sincere thanks to you and your team – you all did a great job. I hardly recognize my place without all the boxes, but suspect I’ll get used to it in time.” – S.L., Maryland

“You have truly created a process and a team that simultaneously expedites, accelerates and humanizes moving from one home to another.
For me, today was an incredible experience of how productive and supportive a team of six people can be – with no one duplicating anyone else’s work tasks.
What you all did today, truly would have taken me 3-6 months without you! My new place already feels like home. Thanks so very much.”

“just wanted to send a note of appreciation – you made it SO seamless and easy, we are really grateful!!!” – A.D., DC

“we love working with you and are truly grateful. So many big moving pieces in our lives — and so much less stressful because of you. Thank you, thank you!” – T.B., VA

“You did another amazing job!  You’re a blessing and a treasure. I feel so much better and thrilled you got so much accomplished in that amount of time. Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!”  – I.P., Virginia

“You have been such an enormous help to me, both mentally and physically. You’ve also helped me keep true to my vision of decluttering and lightening our space.  I truly couldn’t have done it without you. The fact that you are such a joy to work with is icing on the cake! I am so glad that I found Potomac Concierge.” – K.P., Virginia

“Thank you so much for your help through all this… truly invaluable.”  – D.G., Illinois

“Colleen and Sandi have been great to work with. This has been tough but they have been organized and kept me moving too. And they have asked some very thoughtful questions about what I wanted to keep and not.” – S.K., Virginia

“Thank you all again for your truly excellent and indispensable help!” – K.H., Washington, DC

“You and your team have done a great job. We came into a home tonight not a house.” – C.O., Maryland

“I really liked Joyce!  She came with a good attitude and ready to tackle the mission.  I like that!” –  D.B., Maryland

“You all were indispensable. Not only in what was accomplished but creating a mood which made a transition, difficult in parts, less so.” – R.S., Washington, DC

“So grateful to have found you guys, you have no idea.” – S.G., Washington, DC

“I have been receiving services from Potomac Concierge now for a year. I have been completely satisfied. Janet has been working with me and has been terrific. She has helped me with my home office support and organization and with cleaning out/reorganizing several closets. She is always on time, tuned in and responsive to my needs and wishes, efficient — and we get a huge amount of things done!” – M., Maryland

“I recently hired Potomac Concierge to manage a substantial renovation of my Adams Morgan condominium. I now live a three- hour drive away from it, and I absolutely could not have done it without them. This is a group of intelligent self-starters who really live up to their slogan “Consider it done.” My renovation included window replacements; a significant bathroom update involving tile flooring, vanity replacement, drywall repair and painting; beadboard installation and new flooring in a laundry area; oriental rug cleaning and 15 years worth (!) of handyman jobs. PC hired the contractors and, frankly, did it all. I was left with the fun part – color and style selection, and even at that, PC offered useful suggestions and saved me from at least one mistake on paint color. All of this, aside from an initial personal meeting to discuss my “wish list,” was done via email at my convenience. All of the usual anxieties of renovation, particularly scheduling and quality control, were ably handled by PC and I have already hired them for a follow-up project.” – J.D., Washington, DC

“I have had the pleasure of working with Cheryl on a number of projects which include custom organization systems prior to her finishing touches. Cheryl is always available, even last minute. Cheryl is kind and professional at all times and you immediately feel comfortable with her, like she has been a longtime friend since you can remember. She had ideas and solutions that even I didn’t think of after 20 years in the business. I truly hope to work with her again soon.” – A.F., Maryland

“Many thanks to you and the team for getting us moved–we couldn’t have done it without you!” – K.H., Washington, DC

“You guys have been great and have meaningfully improved my life!” – E.O., Washington, DC

“Deliriously satisfied with Janet’s hard work, organizing skills, and motivational inspiration!” – A.G., Maryland

“I just got into town and I can hardly believe how beautiful everything is in this condo. I was like one of those women on HGTV who cry when they see the finished project!” – M.S., Washington, DC

“Words cannot express my gratitude and thanks. Many thanks to all of you and I highly respect your organization, people and services!” – T.V., Washington, DC

“Just a quick note to say how incredible Joyce was to work with, packing and moving items from Lewes to Rehoboth. She was amazing!” – K.T., Maryland

“Craig and I have decided that you get 100 extra votes for being amazing! Thanks so much for helping us out and making our vacation worry free.  We cannot thank you enough.” – D.M., Virginia

“Thank you so much.  Having your help this year has changed my life!” – D.M., Washington, DC

“Dear Libby and Aida – A big thank you for taking care of this for me so quickly and efficiently. Thank you so much!” – D.M., Washington, DC

“You are miracle workers! I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to get to the house yesterday (I was dreading going in) and finding all the boxes gone. I like the furniture change–I want to live with it a while. I love the pottery arranging! and really love the unpacking.” – J.S., Virginia

In reference to an international relocation company using us to move three shipments from around the world to complete set up of 17,000. sqft house (in 4 days!) “We could not have done it without you! – R.S.

“Where do I begin…. You guys are the best” – M.I., Washington, DC

“I just got home from work and the place looks great! Thanks so much! You guys must get a real sense of satisfaction from bringing order to such chaos. My nephew LOVED it. My sis said he called his dad in Australia to tell him that professional organizers had made his house look like a brand new one.” – S., Maryland

“I was completely comfortable leaving everything in your capable hands and the outcome was wonderful. Thank you.” – G.G., Maryland

“I know that I am in extraordinary hands with you. You are AWESOME!!” – Y.B., Virginia

“Thanks for everything that you’ve done. Words cannot express my appreciation.” – L.B., Maryland

“You’ve exceeded my expectations. I am so happy to come home and have all of this set up so. I really feel blessed. You are the best.” – M.E., Washington, DC

“Oh my! We got home after midnight last night and I fell asleep soooo happily in my organized room! I cannot thank you enough. It is amazing. I love it. Everything is perfectly situated. Your work is superb – very professional and excellent in every way.” – C.S., Washington, DC

“Your ladies are great!!! They’re both very easy to get along with and they got a whole lot done both days they were here. I would really like to have them come back and tackle the remaining boxes that I have. I couldn’t have done it without them. Susan and Sandy made a huge positive difference in our home – the clutter is gone (and we’re talking a whole lot of clutter) in the bedrooms, the basement, and the laundry room. What’s left is organized and tidy. They earned my trust and confidence during their first session. Somehow they found a good balance between gently nudging me to reconsider what to keep (and what to throw away, recycle, give away,keep; sell) and respecting and honoring my decisions. They worked hard and got a lot done each session. I won’t hesitate to hire them again when the need arises.” – S.P., Maryland

“She is FANTASTIC! I don’t know how I managed without her. She has my highest recommendation.” –M.J., Washington, DC

“I wanted to take a moment to recognize your team for the insanely excellent job that they have done for me.” – J.K., Virginia

“My contact at Potomac Concierge has gone above and beyond what I expected and I would be absolutely sunk right now if it was not for her efforts.  She refuses help carrying any bags and is always cheerful and bright.  I truly do not know how she does what she does.  Because of her – my home has transformed from a shell with me saying ‘how in the he** am I gonna get all of this done’ to ‘I can’t believe all of this is already done!'” – T.P., Maryland

“I owe the current, successful state of this home to them, for everything.  I owe you all a debt of sincere gratitude that I can never repay.” – T.P., Virginia

Thank you, again, and I look forward to continuing our working relationship for quite some time. –  T.S., Virginia

“Anne did a fantastic job on the installation. She was on top of everything and I truly appreciate everything she did to get the job done. The coordination of multiple vendors was no walk in the park. I had been unsuccessful as I juggled work and basically serving as a project manager or general contractor. However, Anne stepped in and got it done — and beautifully and seamlessly, I might add. She used great judgment and ensured things were done properly, neatly and to a high standard. I could go on! I wanted you to know that she is extraordinary at what she does.” – Y.B., Maryland

“I suffered a serious knee injury in June 2016 that required two surgeries and months of physical therapy, and my doctor advised me to move to a single-level home to avoid having to climb stairs, and potentially injure my knee again. I was finally able to move in December 2016. As I sat in my new apartment that first night, unable to walk unassisted, I looked around me and saw about 30 boxes stacked up in piles upon each other, creating a wall four feet thick against one wall. I quickly came to the conclusion there was no way a disabled person like me was capable of doing ANYTHING by myself – like find which box contained bed sheets and blankets and make a bed that first night, much less open every box, one by one, and store food, clothing, electronics, and arrange furniture. Not with one hand holding on to a cane. Fortunately, I had insisted that my computer be hooked up in advance of the move. I Googled the words “home organizers” and came across Potomac Concierge – a professional home organization company. Within 48 hours, three of the loveliest women in the world – Coleen, Sandi, and Anne were knocking on my door. I didn’t have to tell them what to do. They looked around and KNEW what had to be done. They spent the entire day quickly opening box after box, arranging ALL of my belongings based on what room they needed to be in, creating a pile of items that I wanted to donate to a charity, throwing out things I no longer had use for, storing other belongings in a storage locker, running errands for me to nearby stores, and hauling about 50 pounds of empty cardboard boxes to the recycling room down the hall. Just to give you one example of the quality of their work – they balled up all my socks and rolled up underwear, and neatly arranged them in neat little rows in dresser drawers, folded and stacked all my shorts and shirts, and hung up all my tee-shirts and pants. And Anne even came back on two more days, finalizing things and putting the finishing touches on what turned out to be the most organized home I had ever lived in. I cannot describe how much stress was lifted from me and how relieved I felt a few days later to look around my apartment – knowing exactly where to find everything I owned. I cannot thank these ladies enough for what to me was a relatively inexpensive and swift way to get settled into a new home. My advice to anyone out there who is planning to move and wants to avoid a lot of the headache involved in relocating – call Potomac Concierge. You will never regret it!” – H.P., Washington, DC

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