14 Must-Dos on Moving Day

June 1, 2016 | Moving Tips

Are you anticipating a move? Here are ways to help the big day run smoothly:

large navy moving truck backed up to the front door of a house

  1. Board Pets: Ask a friend to mind the dog and cat, or board them.
  1. Guard Valuables: Keep expensive jewelry and important documents (including your move contract) with you.
  1. Pack Last-Minute Items: Have a small bag ready for everyone’s toothbrush, prescriptions, and clothes for the day.
  1. Keep Movers Hydrated: It’s nice to offer the crew fresh water and food, especially on hot days.
  1. Assemble Keys: Make sure you have all keys to the new house (doors, garage, shed, etc), and leave old keys for new residents.
  1. Arrange Supervision for Kids: Moving day can be a long day, so best to have kids otherwise occupied.
  1. Keep the Kids Happy: Have children pack their favorite toys in a “special” box, and direct the movers to unload it first.
  1. Supervise Movers: Make sure they get everything loaded that needs to be loaded and have left what needs to remain.
  1. Truck Loading: Have movers load items like bedding, bathroom necessities, and kitchen items last so they can be unpacked first.
  1. Spot-Check Old House: Once van is loaded, do final walk-through. Make sure nothing is left, and check windows, doors, and lights.
  1. Keep in Contact: Exchange cell phone numbers with movers if you are separated (e.g. en route to new house).
  1. Check New House: Ensure nothing is broken or missing. Check that all appliances, furnace/AC, and hot water heater are working.
  1. Make Sure the Moving Van Is Empty: Sometimes little things get missed at the end of a long day.
  1. Have Tip Money: Tipping the movers is at your discretion. They always appreciate the gesture, so have cash on hand.

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