How to Plan Your Summer or Fall Relocation Like a Professional Move Manager

July 23, 2018 | Moving Tips

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A well-planned move is key unless you thrive under tremendous stress. Lay out a plan week by week from about seven to eight weeks out until moving day. While each move and the specific tasks associated with it vary by family, here is a typical checklist:

  • Week #1 – Hire a moving company after getting three estimates. Make sure you understand all the ins and outs of the contract. Create a file to hold every detail of your move, including estimates, receipts, and checklists.
  • Week #2 – Identify which items can’t be moved (e.g., propane gas tank, toxic substances) and figure out how to use them up or give them away. Buy packing supplies (boxes, paper, tape, bubble wrap).
  • Week #3 – Begin decluttering your home from top to bottom. The move crew charges by the hour. Don’t waste your money moving items you no longer want.
  • Week #4 – Schedule donation pick-ups. Charities often have long wait times so don’t leave this task until last minute. Start planning the layout of your new home. Determine if your furniture will fit into or suit the new space. You may want sell some items if time allows.
  • Week #5 – Start packing and ensure you label well. Arrange connection/disconnection dates with utilities in both locations. Don’t forget your TV and Internet. Figure out which items need to move with you, including jewelry, important paperwork, and safe deposit box contents if moving a distance (making sure you’ll transport them safely).
  • Week #6 – Arrange for childcare and pet care if needed on moving day. Schedule move-out cleaning. Notify all magazine providers of your address change and submit change-of-address requests to the post office. Call your insurance agent about transferring coverage to your new home. Notify DMV, financial institutions, etc. of your new address. Find new medical professionals (doctor, dentist, vet, etc.) if moving out of town.
  • Week #7 – Carefully pack and label a first-off-truck box filled with essentials for the first night in your new home. Reconfirm all details with your mover. Send out change-of-address announcements to family and friends. Pick up all dry cleaning and anything being repaired. Return anything you’ve borrowed from neighbors or the library.
  • Two to three days before moving day – Clean out fridge and freezer. Pack up remaining food except bare essentials.
  • Moving day – You need a minimum of two adults, preferably three, on this day. One person needs to be stationed at the old house supervising the move crew, one at the front door of the new home as the trucks are emptied, and hopefully another within the new home directing movers.

A move is a big job with a lot of components. You can’t move your whole family into a new house by yourself. If you lack people to help, call Potomac Concierge, and we’ll set you up with an experienced move manager. All of our professional organizers can seamlessly handle every step of your move. We’ve seen everything before!

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