How to Handle Sudden Changes in Moving Plans – 5 Tips From a Move Manager

August 8, 2019 | Concierge

Usually, one has plenty of notice before a big move. There is ample time to declutter, pack up boxes, cancel subscriptions, and arrange for a reputable moving company. There are occasions when a move is more sudden, such as a death in the family, unanticipated job relocation, or last-minute changes in closing dates or tenant agreements. Here are some suggestions on how to survive:

  1. Designate a Move Manager – If you have the time to drop everything and take on the role, then perfect! This will be your full-time job for the next few weeks. Hopefully, organizational skills are one of your strengths and, if not, you will learn quickly!
  2. Assemble a Team – Get as many friends and family as possible and ask them to help you sort through everything before packing begins. Decluttering now means fewer headaches and expenses later. It means fewer boxes, less time to pack and unpack, and lower per-hour moving crew costs.
  3. Develop Master Plan – Develop a schedule with key dates and get the important things booked. For example, if you’ll need a parking permit for the moving van, do it now. Lock in your loading and unloading dates as soon as possible. If you’re relying on friends to help, get their time commitments on the calendar. Call local charities the first chance you get because wait times for at-home pickups can be long at certain times of the year. Set daily goals.
  4. Pack – Start by purchasing necessary supplies, including good boxes of all sizes, packing tape and cutters, markers for labeling, bubble wrap and paper. Begin packing items you don’t need now (e.g. out of season items) and leave essentials until the evening before move day. Make sure fragile items are treated with extra care.
  5. Hire Help – The advantage of hiring a professional Move Manager is the efficiency with which they can do every aspect of the job and the manpower they have at their disposal. They also know the best vendors to call. The less notice you have before your move, the more urgent it is for you to call in a professional.

Moving is a stressful event in the best of times. If you are under the gun with a short deadline, call Potomac Concierge. We have experienced Move Managers, Professional Organizers, and Personal Assistants that will get you through all phases of your move seamlessly.

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