10 Unpacking Tips After a Move

June 18, 2018 | Moving Tips

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When your belongings are finally unloaded and the moving van is gone, your job is to turn a new house into a real home. Don’t get overwhelmed with boxes—handle them in the right order and pre-plan.

  1. Check boxes/furniture – Before the moving crew drives away, make sure each box is in the intended location. The last thing you need after a hard day is heavy lifting. Check to see they have assembled all the beds and have placed furniture—especially heavy pieces—correctly.
  2. Essentials box – Hopefully, you packed a box with items you’ll absolutely need for a day or two. It should be one of the first boxes off the truck and is a good first box to unpack. It may contain medications, articles of clothing, toothbrushes, coffee, favorite toys, dog food, etc.
  3. Special items – As soon as you can, deal with those items you kept separate and moved by yourself (e.g., liquids, valuables, etc.).
  4. Kitchen – Unless it’s late at night, partially unpack the kitchen right away so it’s functional. Line the cupboards if you want to protect new cabinetry and unpack at least some dishes, glassware, cutlery, a few pots and pans, and small appliances like the toaster and coffee maker. Organize the kitchen completely on another day or at least after the bedrooms and bathrooms are livable.
  5. Bedrooms – Unpack the linens for each bedroom next. Get the beds made well before everyone is exhausted. Unpack a few clothes before going to bed if you forgot to include these in the essentials box.
  6. Bathrooms – Do not start unpacking until you’re satisfied and the bathrooms are perfectly clean. Priority goes to toiletries and towels. Hopefully, your essentials box has the crucial items.
  7. Living room – Hook up the TV (if not already done by the moving crew). All you need for the first several days is the sofa, coffee table, and a functioning television. A complete unpack can be done later.
  8. Rec room/play room – If your young children or teenagers feel settled, you’ll be happy. Prioritize unpacking the areas of your home where people relax and are entertained.
  9. Garage/patio – These areas can wait unless the inside of your house is ship-shape or until a need arises.
  10. Books – These can be unpacked gradually over several weeks when time allows.

Once the basics have been unpacked, set aside a few hours each day until the whole house is completely done. If you are too busy with a demanding job and children, consider getting help from a professional organizer. Get in touch with Potomac Concierge today and we’ll match you up with an experienced move manager. We can have your home 100% organized both inside and out within a day or two.

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