16 Tips to Ready Your Home for Winter

October 4, 2018 | Personal Assistant

Leaves are starting to turn and the lazy days of summer are over. Although the DC/MD/NVA region has milder winters than some other metropolitan areas, there are some must-dos before the cold temperatures arrive.

1) Call Arborist

The last thing you want during a winter storm is a tree falling on the house. Have an expert do an inspection of your trees.

2) Plant Perennials

Fall is a good time to plant perennials, as well as trees and shrubs.

3) Rake Leaves by the First of December

Don’t leave your lawn full of leaves over the winter. It can lead to mold growth and make Spring planting difficult.

4) Clean Gutters

Once the leaves are down, arrange to have the gutters cleaned. All it takes for roof damage or a flooded basement is clogged gutters during a downpour.

5) Shut Off Sprinklers & Outside Faucets

Protect your pipes from freezing. Turn off your sprinkler system and close all outdoor faucets. Don’t forget about drain hoses either! You can store these in the garage or basement.

6) Order Firewood

Don’t wait until a power outage. Stock up now on firewood for those nice cozy fires during winter. It makes for a great heating source if you lose electricity during a storm.

7) Close Pool for the Season

Clean, close, and cover your pool for the winter.

8) Arrange Exterior House Repairs

It’s easier to have repairs done when temperatures are warm and the ground is free of snow and ice. Do an inspection of your property or arrange for a professional to review the home.

9) Seal Gaps/Weather-Strip

To prevent mice and other rodents from entering your home, ensure all gaps (even the smallest ones) are filled. If your home is drafty, you may want to place weather-stripping around window frames and doors.

10) Perform Safety Checks

Ensure all railings are in good shape so everyone can safely navigate snow and ice around your home. This is also the time to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries, and that your fire extinguisher is up to code. You may also want to do a radon test now that the windows are closed.

11) Take Inventory of Snow Removal Tools

Ensure you have enough snow shovels, ice scrapers, ice melt, and emergency car kits. If you have a snow blower, get it serviced.

12) Remove Window AC Units

Either remove all units or cover them with insulating wrap.

13) Clean Dryer Vents

Have your vents cleaned and you will reduce the chance of fire and have a more efficient dryer.

14) Maintain Appliances

Fall is a great time for annual maintenance of appliances. Clean the oven, vacuum fridge coils, wash the range hood filter, clean light fixtures (which probably contain summer’s dead insects), etc.

15) Schedule a Chimney Sweep/Inspection

Schedule a chimney clean and inspection and make sure the chimney cap is securely fastened.

16) Get HVAC Maintenance

Have your home’s heating system inspected and checked.

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