Home Organization in Fall: Exterior 10-Item Checklist for Your House

September 3, 2019 | Concierge

It may seem too early to think about prepping your home for the winter, but
if you’ll be needing any services, advance planning is key. Lawn
maintenance services and exterior painters get awfully busy this time of

1) CLOSE SWIMMING POOL – You will need to reduce the water level, unhook and drain pipes,
and securely place the cover. If you’re a DIY’er, then you have plenty of time. If you prefer a
pool service, book it now.
2) CLEAN GRILL – Before the cold weather arrives, remember to clean the grill with a wire
brush or place the racks in a self-cleaning oven. Think about what safe area you have for
storing the propane tank if it will not be used over the winter. Grill cleaning is a good task to add
to a handyman’s to-do list.
3) WEED GARDEN AND TRIM TREES – If you lack the time or energy to rake yourself, plan
ahead. Find a reputable service and get yourself on their schedule. Remove dead annuals and
plant those perennials you’ve been wanting. Remove dangerous tree branches that could be
problematic in a storm.
4) WINTERIZE SUMMER ITEMS – Clean and store outdoor furniture. Take the lawnmower in for
a good clean and check. This is another item for a handyman to handle.
5) DEAL WITH WATER SOURCES- Remove garden hoses, drain, and store. Turn off all
exterior spigots so water does not freeze and break the pipes.
6) CHECK ROOF – The days with ideal weather conditions for getting a new roof are
numbered. Now is the time to arrange for roof repairs if needed.
7) UPGRADE DRIVEWAY – Asphalt driveways should be resealed periodically to maintain their
appearance and protect them from cracks and oil damage.
8) PAINT EXTERIOR- How do your windows and siding look? Arrange for re-painting before
the weather becomes too cold.
9) TACKLE SPECIAL PROJECTS – If you were unable to find a reputable deck builder this
summer with availability, make some calls now. We are approaching offseason, but there’s still
plenty of time left for the completion of new patios or decks.
10) CLEAN GUTTERS – Set up a cleaning for late fall once the leaves are down.

Properly maintaining the exterior of your home takes time and planning. If
you lack the time to adequately address all areas of home maintenance this
fall, call Potomac Concierge for help. Our professional organizers and
personal assistants have many years of experience in property
management and know who to call for every task, big or small.

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