7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Organizer for a Pre-Move Declutter in the DMV

November 6, 2018 | Downsizing , Moving Tips , Organization

organize before moveFew people should move before a full house declutter. Nobody wants to start fresh in a new home with items no longer needed.  Even if you’ve been diligent over the years regularly paring down, choices must be made if you’re downsizing.  Getting rid of prized possessions isn’t easy and most people can benefit from professional assistance. Unsure if you should hire a professional organizer to help with the process? Here are some reasons you should:

1) We’ll handle arrangements for donations.

No one organization takes everything you want to donate.  Professional organizers and move managers know exactly who to contact and can coordinate pick-ups to occur all in one day, without you needing to drag heavy items to your curb.  We can also arrange for the disposal of bulk trash at minimum or no cost.

2) We’ll arrange for an estate sale.

Potomac Concierge has a vendor list with a variety of experts needed when decluttering a home, including estate sale agents and auction houses. We offer estate sale services including inventory, arranging for assessment, and communicating with estate sale personnel as needed.

3) We’ll help you sell valuable unwanted items.

Don’t think you have enough for an estate sale, but still have valuable items worth selling? Depending on the value of the items, you may actually have enough if you live in an area with high demand for estate sale items.  Let us check with our vendors. There are also various websites that are helpful when selling items individually, and we can help with that process.

4) We’ll help you make important decisions on your schedule.

Our highly trained organizers will work around your schedule to minimize disruption to work/life demands.  We can do the work while you focus on career and family. FaceTime, Skype, texting, phone calls, and emails all allow communication on key decisions without requiring you to take a day off work.

5) We’ll get the job done efficiently.

Professional organizers can get the work done more quickly than most DIYers. We have the experience and tried-and-true methods. If necessary, we can deploy a whole team of organizers to get the job completed ASAP.  We also inject neutrality into the decluttering process, as we are not slowed down by emotions, but are empathetic and patient while you make difficult decisions.

6) We’ll help eliminate stress and your to-do list.

Remove stress by hiring help. Let a professional worry about the details and take over the annoying phone calls. Let a third party assist with any family tensions that may arise in the decluttering of a family home.

7) We can work under a time crunch.

If this is an SOS situation, hire a professional.  We will make it happen.

If you need your home decluttered before a move, don’t cut corners. Choose the pros that will get the job done right. By electing to hire a professional organizer to help declutter, you make the moving preparation process much smoother. You won’t waste money having items moved that should be trashed, given away, or sold, and if downsizing, you will avoid a lack of space in your new smaller home.

Call or contact Potomac Concierge for your DC Metro area decluttering project and we will ensure you experience a stress-free move.

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