6 Ways Hiring a Move Manager Can Help You Save on Relocation Costs

February 27, 2018 | Moving Tips

Save Money on Relocation Costs with a Move Manager

In addition to the headache of moving, the costs mount quickly.  If you live in the Washington, DC area, you know the meaning of expensive! Take a few minutes and evaluate your situation. You may be surprised at how you can spend less by getting professionals involved. Move managers do six things that may translate into savings for you.

1) Declutter:  It feels great getting rid of things we no longer need. Here’s how decluttering before a move will also save you money:

  • Reduce weight of moving van: The weight of your load is a big factor in the cost of moving. Don’t pay good money to move junk and items you can’t use anymore.
  • Eliminate storage fees: Downsizing means less space. Reduce your chances of having to rent a storage unit. On average, a 10’ x 20’ container is $100 monthly. If you stay in your new house just 5 years, that amounts to $6000!
  • Minimize post-move costs: Movers charge by the hour. If you’re hiring the crew to unpack while professional organizers will be putting things away, why pay them to unpack and organize excess? Minimize those billable hours.
  • Maximize sale price: A decluttered home is more appealing to potential buyers than a poorly organized house. Don’t miss out on getting a top price for your nice home in the DMV area just because it doesn’t show well.

2) Design floorplan: A good move manager will provide a customized floor plan of your new home, identifying where every single piece of furniture will go. Hourly paid movers won’t be standing around while you make decisions, and you’ll avoid paying them to move one item multiple times. The floor plan also eliminates the possibility of including the moving van furniture that won’t fit in your new home and then paying someone else to get rid of it.

3) Use reputable vendors: Beware of scam artists and fly-by-night companies.   You want your belongings treated with care and well protected against damage. The knowledge a professional move manager has of a whole host of vendors, and the ongoing relationship they have with them, leads to cost savings and assurance for you.

4) Plan meticulously: Hiring a move manager is like buying an insurance policy against costly mistakes. There are a lot of details that need to be planned well ahead of move day (e.g., parking permit in the city, elevator use in multi-unit building, etc.).

5) Minimize time away from work: Before certain key rooms are completely unpacked and organized, it’s difficult to resume your normal activities. Let a move manager get your kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms fully operational while you return to the office ASAP.

6) Save your kids’ money: If your grown children live out of town, factor in the cost for them of helping you move. This may include plane fares, lost income, and daycare costs. In addition, if you move with all of your clutter, who will end up dealing with it all down the road? Spare your busy kids this task.

In certain situations, spending money now can save you money later. Two examples we all know are auto insurance policies and regular house maintenance. Similarly, getting help from a move manager is a wise investment that will pay off down the road.

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