Keeping Your Home & Life Organized During COVID-19 Pandemic

April 9, 2020 | Concierge

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In the best of times, a well-organized space improves productivity, lowers stress, and makes us happier.  With widespread teleworking and telelearning becoming the new norm, an organized home/life is especially conducive to work, study, and family living. Take advantage of the time you used to spend commuting, socializing and attending events to make adaptations to the way your home and time are organized.

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Here are some examples of what you can do as you shelter in place:


1) ORGANIZE PANTRY – If you stocked up on food and household items before self-quarantining, then your pantry, kitchen, and closets are probably overflowing. Categorize and consolidate, and re-think storage areas for large inventories of bulk items. Knowing exactly what you already have will help reduce those risky trips to the store.

2) ELIMINATE FOOD WASTE – Organize the fridge. Now more than ever, it is important to have perishables categorized so that everything gets consumed and you are not re-buying and wasting trips to the supermarket.

3) DECLUTTER – Excess items are distracting; don’t make life harder by working around clutter.  Get rid of old files and organize the current ones. Set aside sensitive documents to be shredded – if you do not have a shredder of your own, there are drop off depots operating outdoors. Consider scanning services to further reduce paper volumes.

4) MULTI-PURPOSE SPACE – With one or more people in the household teleworking, with schools and colleges closed, and with family members spending more hours at home, some rearrangement of space may be in order. Perhaps the spare bedroom turned storage room needs to become an office. The living room may have to be a homeschool during the day. If you lack the time or creativity, get virtual professional help.

5) FINALLY GET THOSE PHOTOS ORGANIZED AND SCANNED – Now is the time for those tasks that have been waiting to be done for years. Organizers can help with scanning and virtual set up.

6) GET HELP WITH VIRTUAL TASKS – Phone and online chat queues are long! You are trying to do your job from home, ensure the kids are studying, and keep the house running. Can you spend hours on the phone cancelling vacation plans, medical appointments, and events? There are always those insurance claims to stay on top of. A Personal Assistant can take care of everything and give you less to worry about.

7) IDENTIFY VENDORS IN BUSINESS – Your college-aged children have moved back home and your dishwasher just broke. Your regular repairman isn’t working. Who can help? The car needs service – who does house calls? Update your list of service providers and how their operations have changed as a result of work closures and social distancing.

8) GET HELP WITH NEW HIRES – If anyone you rely on has been unable to continue working, remember that a Personal Assistant can help find substitutes.


1) DECLUTTER GARAGE – Springtime coupled with a shelter-in-place mandate is ideal for a garage makeover. On a nice day, the decluttering and categorizing can be done on the driveway.

2) START PATIO/DECK PLANS – Arrange to have some estimates. This is outside work that needn’t be delayed and can be done without contact.

3) ARRANGE FOR OUTDOOR REPAIR WORK – What a great time to have a handyman tackle your outdoor to-do list.

4) FIND DRIVING ASSISTANCE – Some of the hard-to-get items (e.g. paper products, cleaning supplies) are available at stores but only for in-person pick-up.  If you can’t spare the time to go to an out-of-the way Walmart, then hire someone to help.

This is undoubtedly a challenging and stressful time for everyone, but it also presents a great opportunity to reassess and reorganize your life. Take this time to turn your home into a more productive workspace and a calmer environment to destress and enjoy time with the family.

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