Genius Tips for Simplifying Your Email Overload

September 29, 2020 | Organization

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These days, many of us are relying on email more than ever. Like physical clutter, an overloaded inbox is distracting and causes stress. Essential emails can easily get lost if you lack organization and an efficient system for your incoming and outgoing messages. Here are some tips to consider to simplify your email communications:

9 Tips from an Organization Expert

1) STREAMLINE REPLIES – Make a single email accomplish more. If you tend to send multiple messages to one person during a single day, try to streamline. Instead of asking questions as issues arise, start a draft early in the day, and only send it once you have addressed multiple questions or concerns.

2) TAKE INITIATIVE IN SCHEDULING – It can often take multiple emails to coordinate a single appointment. Cut down on the number of messages going back and forth by suggesting specific dates and times for meetings and calls right from the start.

3) OPEN EMAIL ONCE – Try to avoid reading an email and then responding later. It’s more likely to go ignored, and you may waste more time in the long run if you read the same message several times. Set aside a time of day to go through absolutely every email.

4) DELETE IN QUANTITY – To remove massive quantities of unread subscription emails that you don’t want, delete them quickly by doing a search for each subscription title or sender and then selecting and deleting these emails all at once.

5) REDUCE SPAM – Regularly unsubscribe. It’s worth taking the extra few seconds to remove your email address from the subscriber list. Avoid getting them in the first place by un-checking any box that automatically signs you up for emails.

6) TEXT OR CALL INSTEAD – Before sending an email, always ask yourself if it’s really the most effective means of communication. Is a quick text a better option? Or perhaps a call on the issue is inevitable so do it now.

7) CONSIDER ADOPTING OTHER COMMUNICATION FORMS – In your workplace, perhaps using a channel-based messaging platform such as Slack may be beneficial.  It will cut down on emails dramatically.

8) TURN OFF NOTIFICATIONS – Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn send you brief messages to let you know when someone leaves a comment or sends a message. Instead, just check the sites regularly.

9) GET A 2ND ADDRESS– Have separate email addresses. Designate one email address for newsletters and other subscriptions, and the other as the primary destination for personal or work emails. That way, you can see your important emails all in one place at one time.

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