Home Organization Tips: Back to Basics

September 14, 2020 | Organization

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Anxiety levels are higher in these uncertain times and clutter around the house doesn’t help ease your mental load. Now that your home is being used as a multi-purpose space, clutter accumulates quickly with personal, work, and school items all mixed together. Decluttering and re-organizing can be productive ways to spend time while engaging in social distancing. Experience the liberating feeling of getting rid of the excess with these basic decluttering steps.

Decluttering & Organization Tips from Professional Organizers

Start Small – Rome wasn’t built in a day. Tackle one small area as a start and move on to the rest of the house in small parcels.

Set the Timer – Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Strive to work 30 minutes a day at least for the first week. Keep it manageable and you won’t abandon the project.

Categorize – Place like items with like items so you can find anything quickly. Don’t store half the school supplies in the family room and the other half in your kids’ bedrooms. Separate get-rid-of items into Trash, Donate, and Sell.

Get Help – If you become overwhelmed, ask for assistance before becoming discouraged. It could be a friend or relative inside your bubble, or perhaps you need professional help.

Make it Fun – Yes, decluttering can be fun! Play lively music or reward yourself with some take-out food from your favorite restaurant.

Know Where to Donate – If your usual go-to charities are closed, keep looking. Donation centers are operating. Remember, you can also list items for free on sites like Craigslist. If your neighborhood has a robust “curbside economy,” set items out a few days before trash day, and they may be gone long before the truck comes by. Before tossing nearly expired food items, consider your local food bank.

Trust Potomac Concierge for Organization Help in the Metro DC Area

Get through the COVID-19 pandemic sanely by addressing the clutter in your home. Your whole family will benefit from tackling this project. If you need help, trust Potomac Concierge. We can even assist you virtually! While following our strict safety guidelines, our Professional Organizers will ensure your Washington, DC-area home is an efficient place to work and learn, and a calm environment in which to live.

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