5 Ways Decluttering Your Home Will Improve Your Life & Help Your Community

November 20, 2017 | Organization

Donation Clothes

Too much stuff clutters your home and your mind. Can you actually relax and feel at peace in a disorganized home? Here are five ways you will feel better after a full declutter and help others at the same time:

  1. You’ll have more hours in a day – You’ll be surprised at the time you save not searching for lost items, shopping for things you didn’t know you already had, tidying up, and maintaining your home. What will you do with that extra time—spend it with family and friends, devote more energy to your career, or get in better shape?
  2. It will clear your mind – It’s easier to think clearly and prioritize in an organized environment. If you’re super busy, stressed, and overwhelmed with life, then there’s even more of a reason to make decluttering a top priority!
  3. Your house will be cleaner – When surfaces are clear and the floor is free of clutter, dusting and vacuuming are half the work. Procrastination is less likely, too, when a weekly clean is less daunting.
  4. It will save you money – Everything needs a place and has a match. Stop wasting money on duplicates. Clutter can also lead to more mistakes, late fees, overdue payments, and missed deadlines.
  5. You’ll be happier – Generosity makes you feel good. Your pantry will be decluttered, and a food bank will feed more hungry people with your donations. Your bathroom drawers will be purged of the never-used travel toiletries while homeless shelters will have much-needed soap and shampoo. The front hall closet will have more space without outgrown snowsuits, and a poor child somewhere will keep warm this winter. The local library or a school in a disadvantaged neighborhood will be overjoyed to receive your excess supply of books. Do you have a stack of old eyeglasses? Donate them to help someone struggling to see.

Regardless of how much excess stuff you have, we can all benefit from getting rid of things we no longer use. If you need help with a decluttering project, give Potomac Concierge a call today. We’ll guide you through the process, help you gather items, haul away trash, and assist with donations.

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