8 Ways Decluttering Can Help You Live A Simpler, Happy Life

November 13, 2018 | Concierge

Too much clutter in a home can be depressing, oMessy and cluttered office deskverwhelming, embarrassing, and distracting. Not only does clutter lead to brain fog, it also serves as a visual reminder of work that needs to be done. A messy home can become unsafe and difficult to clean properly. It can also waste a tremendous amount of time if it causes you to search endlessly for lost items and important documents. Read on to find out how decluttering your home will reduce stress and increase happiness.

1) Less Stress

Americans waste more than 9 million hours each day looking for lost items. Decluttering can help you establish a routine, and lead to a lot less chaos. Imagine those hectic mornings turned into calm events, knowing where everything is placed.

2) More Leisure

A few minutes here and there spent searching high and low add up quickly throughout the week. If you aren’t wasting time searching for things, you’ll have more time to spend relaxing.

3) Cleaner Home

A clutter-free home is a breeze to thoroughly clean. Strive to have a welcoming environment for visitors and a healthy place for family and friends to gather.

4) Save Money

No more late bills mean no more penalty fees. Also, knowing where everything is located will eliminate the need for duplicate purchases.

5) Clearer Mind

At least 25% of misplaced paperwork is never located. It’s not hard to imagine how a clear living space is linked to an unclouded mind.

6) Healthier Body

An organized, decluttered kitchen is the first step in creating an environment in which you are motivated to cook healthy meals. It also makes it much easier when it comes time to writing grocery lists, as you can easily see what you have in your kitchen already.

7) Move on From Past/Unearth Treasures

We all love to keep special mementos from special occasions, but who needs 20 items to remember one event? Not to mention, holding onto too many keepsakes with negative associations (e.g., former marriage, lost job, or failed endeavor) can hold us back. Decluttering may also result in a rediscovery of some long-lost treasures!!

8) Fresh Start

25% of homeowners with two-car garages don’t have space to park even one car inside. Paring down and reorganizing lets you re-think floor plans and inefficient use of space.

We do all sorts of things to reduce stress and increase happiness. These include expensive vacations, spa treatments, and eating out. Unlike these and other short-term fixes, the positive effects of decluttering your home will last for years.  Take advantage of our free eBook to learn the basics of decluttering, or give us a call to schedule a consultation. Hiring help for a declutter project is NOT a luxury; it’s simply part of regular home maintenance and self-care.

Call or contact Potomac Concierge today and let us help reduce your stress and increase your happiness with a perfectly organized, clutter-free home.

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