Back to School: 7 Organizational Tips for A Clutter-Free House

August 23, 2018 | Organization

Back to school is not only an adjustment for kids; as a parent, your whole routine changes and the house probably needs reorganizing. If you dread the clutter created by backpacks, school papers, and extracurricular paraphernalia, you are not alone! Here are some tips for preventing back-to-school chaos.

1) Organize Paper Flow

Despite the flood of school emails, paper still makes its way home. Create a system such as a filing cabinet or bins that divide important school paperwork that needs immediate attention and other papers you want to keep, such as a field trip schedule or art projects.

2) Create Personal Workspaces

Encourage good study habits for each child and avoid clutter for you. Designate a homework station where each child can focus without distractions. Have all supplies handy (pencils, pens, crayons, etc.) and keep them well-stocked so your child does not waste time hunting for an eraser. Designated homework stations will also cut down on clutter throughout the house.

3) Contain Book Storage

Textbooks can be overwhelming, especially if you have multiple kids. Have your children store all their school books in one place, such as a bookcase or large bin. It will save them time and prevent mess in other areas of the house. September is a good time of year to go through your bookshelves. Pare down and make space for this school year. Designate a “library book basket” so you don’t waste time searching when it’s time to return them.

4) Make a Central Station

There is a lot to keep straight in your head—carpool schedules, special activities, meetings, extracurriculars, playdates, kids’ chore lists, and more. Keep things organized for the week at a dedicated space in your home by using either a family bulletin board, chalkboard, large calendar, or something similar. If your child is very young and cannot read, it might help to supplement with images. You may also want to color-code each family member.

5) Declutter Clothes

Go through your children’s clothes and donate anything they have outgrown and toss all that is no longer wearable. It will be easier to choose outfits if there’s less clutter. You may want to encourage your children to pre-select their week’s clothes on Sunday evening to avoid making the already hectic morning rush worse. You also could create hanger labels for each day.

6) Make Lunches Easy

On Sunday evening, get organized for the week. Eventually, delegate this task to your children. Bag grapes, carrots, and other perishable snacks and place in the fridge along with things like cheese sticks and yogurts. In the pantry, prepare single serving bags of pretzels, nuts, raisins, and milk/juice boxes. Assembling lunches will be much easier and you won’t be tempted to send your kids off to school with unhealthy food!

7) Control After-School Snacks

Create a station with parent-approved snacks to avoid a mess in the kitchen and spoiled dinner appetites.

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