Pro Tips To Help You Declutter in the New Year

The new year is a time of reflection, gratefulness, generosity, and renewal; there’s no better time for a positive change. Use our home and office organizing tips to declutter your spaces, and start your new year off right!

Pro Tips to Help You Declutter in the New Year

Decluttering Tips To Help You Kick-Start the New Year

The new year is a great time to reevaluate your surroundings to see what is serving you — and what is ending up as clutter in your home or office. Use this time to reflect on how you live and work and implement home and office organizational tips to declutter your space and start the new year in a calm, peaceful, and organized environment.

Plan & Organize Your Process

As ready as you may be to jump in and start the home organization process, it helps set a start date for your decluttering and organization project. Making a downsizing plan will allow you to think ahead about any items you may need, like baskets or hardware, to help you finish. 

Knowing what you want to accomplish by a specific date can help keep you motivated as the project progresses.

Evaluate Your Holiday Decor

As you start the new year, evaluate your home’s holiday decor as you take it down and put it away in your storage or closet space. Donate or dispose of them if it’s broken, unwanted, or no longer your style. It’s also a good idea to keep a list of what you’d like to replace and add to your collection to look for bargains without the risk of over-purchasing.

Declutter Your Gifts

The holidays are a time of incredible generosity. With a well-organized downsizing plan in place, the gifts you’ve received can quickly become manageable. Make time to find a place for your new items and put everything away, including boxes, bows, and other wrapping you’ve decided to reuse.

It’s also a great time to reconsider older gifts. Do you still need and use what you’ve received in the past? Do you have new replacements? Go through your home and belongings and remove unwanted older or damaged items.

Reorganize Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is a busy place and can become cluttered quickly. To start your kitchen decluttering process:

  • Evaluate your countertop appliances, discard broken items, and donate items you no longer use.
  • Consider your pots and pans, dishes, and cooking utensils.
  • Keep a list of what you need to replace, so you can have what you need and the confidence that everything is in good working condition. 

Move any items that don’t belong in your kitchen back to their appropriate spaces and reevaluate the flow of the room to determine if you need extra organizational support, like bins, baskets, or shelving.

Clean Your Desktop

If your home office gets cluttered during your busy workday, now’s the time to declutter and reorganize. A clean desktop allows you to focus more on your work than your surroundings. To help, remove anything that isn’t an everyday essential and put the rest of your items in drawers, baskets, or organized files. 

Also, follow the same system with your electronic desktop! Keeping your computer or laptop organized with accurately labeled files and drives will help you find what you need more quickly without overwhelming your brain with visual clutter. Ensure you uninstall, delete, or store archived data, so it’s not in your way.

Donate Your Decluttered Items

After you’ve decluttered, you likely have a pile of items that work, but you no longer need them. Help your decluttering process by promptly donating them to a local charity or other organization; schedule time to do it on your calendar, so you don’t put it off and keep the clutter around.

Start Your New Year Decluttered & Organized With Help From Potomac Concierge

During the holidays, it’s easy to focus on giving to others. Give yourself the gift of a well-organized and functional space by scheduling home decluttering and organizational services with Potomac Concierge throughout the DC Metro Area.

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