Move Management: How to Manage a House Move in Washington DC

May 16, 2017 | Moving Tips

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Moving is exciting, but also a huge undertaking. If your big day is approaching, you know all about long To Do lists, never ending phone calls, and the emotional task of decluttering.  Read on for a recap of what to expect. Be prepared and the process will run smoothly. If you need move management, don’t be afraid to ask! 

What’s Involved in Managing Your Move

Pre-move: This is a fairly labor-intensive move management stage and requires plenty of planning and attention to detail. The tasks include:

  • full-house downsize and declutter so unwanted items stay behind
  • Scheduling haul-away of donations/trash
  • Hiring moving company (contract, decide on insurance, uncover hidden/extra costs)
  • Pack and label
  • Inventory control so nothing is missed
  • Floor plan designs for new home, change over of utilities and house insurance)
  • Logistics planning (e.g. parking permit for moving van)

Move Day: Don’t underestimate the stress of transferring your precious belongings (think of antiques and priceless belongings as well as a freshly painted new home and brand new hardwood floors). This is when the unexpected tends to happen! You must supervise the movers, do detailed checks of the old and new homes, delegate care of any pets and young children to someone, guard valuables, and ensure the truck is loaded in correct order (e.g. essentials like bedding go in last and come out first).

Post Move:  The new house needs to become a “home”. This phase includes unpacking, organizing, assembling, artwork placement, and shopping (e.g. window coverings).

How Much Move Management Do You Need?

None: If you’re detail-oriented, organized and have lots of energy and time, then managing an entire move on your own is an option.  Start early to ensure you benefit from the lowest prices charged by moving companies and others, and to ensure the decluttering is done in time.

Maximum: If you are crazy busy at work or have young children, consider moving assistance. Don’t just look at the hourly cost of help, whether it’s nanny overtime for a week or two before the move, or a professional move manager.   Think in terms of total cost and total benefits.  Be mindful of the whole service you are buying if you opt for a move manager– an organized, efficient and seamless move, as well as a sizable reduction in stress! You also need to factor in the savings from hiring professionals. We:

  • Pre-screen all vendors for quality and price (avoid sloppy work)
  • Receive industry discounts (packing paper, boxes, etc)
  • Have database of move-related free services (e.g. charity pickups)
  • Ensure you are properly insured against breakage
  • Avoid costly mistakes by planning every detail
  • Are declutter experts (minimize pack/move costs, maximize storage space in new home)

Somewhere in the middle:  You may only need a bit of help to take the edge off. Perhaps an extra pair hands just on move day – someone at the old house and another at the new? Alternatively, you might need help paring down your belongings before the packers arrive.

Move Management in Washington, DC with Potomac Concierge

You can move houses without a ton of inconvenience, without the stress of being pulled in a million directions, and without giving up precious vacation days for a tedious pack up.  Our expert move managers at Potomac Concierge guarantee an efficient and smoothly run move, peace of mind, and fast tracking to a comfortable, organized new home for your family. Contact us today to get your move started. 

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