Virtual Move Management Services by Potomac Concierge

Preparing for a move of any kind can be a stressful time for all involved. Especially in the post-COVID-19 world, moving has become even more challenging. That’s why Potomac Concierge provides families with virtual move management services to help them settle into their new homes without all the stress of a DIY move. Contact our team to get started with our virtual move management services today!

Virtual Move Management for All Situations

Our contactless move management services are specially designed to provide you with the moving help you need while prioritizing safety. We manage every step of the moving process, providing expert assistance for all types of moving situations, including:

  • Apartment Close-Outs: Our crew can help close out your apartment, working closely with your building manager to pack your belongings and move them to your home or storage unit.
  • Travel Restrictions: Due to coronavirus travel restrictions, you may have been unable to return to your home in Washington, DC. If this is the case, our team can help manage your property and personal belongings while you’re away, including regular house checks and maintenance.
  • Adult Children: Is your college student returning home due to a COVID-19 school closure? Our team can help ensure your child makes it home with all their belongings, or that they are safely stored nearby for their future return.
  • Preplanned Moves: Our team can provide a completely contactless, safe moving experience using cutting-edge technology to facilitate your belonging’s transportation.

Move forward with your moving plans knowing that you and your belongings will make it safely to your next destination with help from Potomac Concierge. Contact our team about our virtual move management services today.

Our Contactless Move Management Services

Whether you’re seeking pre-move management or post-move management services, our team will ensure the highest degree of safety, comfort, and convenience for your move.

Pre-Move Management Services

Our team is committed to going above-and-beyond to meet our customers’ unique needs. We shoulder all the responsibilities of moving so our clients don’t have to, including:

  • Planning and organizing your move from beginning to end
  • Arranging and managing professional packing services
  • Labeling and categorizing personal property
  • Assisting with shipping, estate sales, appraisals, and more
  • Allocating a reliable moving company
  • Creating and organizing a complete household inventory
  • Creating floor plans in new homes · Eliminating clutter and organizing clients’ belongings
  • Preparing homes for sale or move-in
  • Labeling furniture and moving boxes by room location
  • Discontinuing and transferring services at old property

Ask us about our white-glove pre-move management services by contacting our team today!

Post-Move Management Services

Who has time to unpack and decorate your new home? We do! Our team can assist with:

  • Placing furniture and boxes in new home as directed
  • Removing packing materials after unpacking
  • Unpacking, organizing, and decorating rooms
  • Reconnecting electronic devices and smart home products
  • Hanging pictures, paintings, shelves, TVs, and reassembling items
  • Managing and coordinating with vendors
  • Preparing old home for new residents
  • Stocking refrigerators, folding laundry, and making beds as needed

Don’t lift a finger for your next move. Get the end-to-end virtual move management services you deserve by contacting Potomac Concierge today.

Get Virtual Move Management Assistance Today!

Ready for a moving experience that’s safe, convenient, and stress-free? Our team is happy to help manage every aspect of your next move so you can focus on more important things. We are committed to providing you with the highest-quality, white-glove service possible, ensuring a completely contactless, COVID-compliant experience. Contact our team to get started with our virtual move management services today.