Corporate Concierge Services in DC, MD & VA

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Corporate concierge services, including travel arrangements, errand days, and more, can improve business productivity, increase job satisfaction and build morale

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Corporate Concierge & Personal Assistant Services in the Washington, DC Area

Improve workplace morale and efficiency with our various corporate concierge services throughout the DC metro area. We offer services such as:

Hourly Concierge Services

  • Planning travel
  • Running errands
  • Shopping

Administrative Assistance

  • Create new organization systems
  • Organize email inbox
  • Create custom computer filing systems
  • Supplement staffing shortages

Standby Concierge

  • Wait for service team to arrive
  • Oversee installations or repairs
  • Ensure results are up to standards

Studies show that 75% of employees routinely take care of personal responsibilities while at work.

Our corporate concierge services not only allow your employees to focus on work while they’re at work, but also help your employees feel valued, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction.

Reward Employees with Business Concierge Services

Our business concierge services make a great reward for a few hours or an entire day – we will handle your employees’ seemingly neverending to-do lists. We can also arrange in-house benefits, such as massage, manicures, shoe shines, haircuts, and other services for in-house de-stressing events.

Errand Days

A fun, cost-effective way to reward your entire staff is with an errand day. We will run group errands for common to-do list items, such as:

  • Shoe repair
  • Watch battery replacement
  • Retail returns
  • Personal shopping
  • Prescription pickup

Gift Wrapping Days

During the busy holiday season, consider our popular gift wrap day service. A team of superior gift wrappers will spend the day wrapping holiday presents for your staff. We have an organized and efficient process in place to ensure that the beautiful Patek Philippe watch does not accidentally get mixed up with a child’s Lego watch.

Corporate Concierge Services & Personal Assistants in Washington, DC and Montgomery County, MD

The gift of concierge services is always a welcome treat. When a staff member welcomes a new baby, falls ill, moves, or deserves recognition for a job well done, we are happy to provide you with a beautiful gift certificate for the lucky recipient.

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