How to Sell a House in 33 Days

February 29, 2016 | Moving Tips , Organization

how to sell a house quickly

If you’re going to sell a house this spring, start getting ready now as there is work to do before the first Open House. Buyers in the existing home market want perfection. Any realtor will agree that decluttering your home, and some organization and prep ahead of time, will pay off in a higher sale price and fewer days on the market. It also lowers stress when you sell a house by avoiding a drawn-out period of house showings. Think of the work as an investment with a great return. Decluttering is the first step but you need to do more.  HUDs claims that staged homes sell for up to 17% more than their non-staged counterparts and The National Board of Realtors claims that 93% of stage homes sell within 33-42 days.    Get a showcase price for your home, not a fixer upper one.  

So How Do You Sell a House Fast? Follow These Tips:

Here’s a guide to ensure your house attracts the right buyers:

  1. DECLUTTER!: Decluttering your home before you sell it makes it look more spacious and cleaner. It also means an easier move when the time comes with fewer items to pack up. Spartanly furnished rooms let buyers visualize your home as their own.
  2. CLEAN METICULOUSLY: This goes for every room in the house you’re selling, especially the kitchen and bathrooms.  When it goes to sale, the house must sparkle from top to bottom.
  3. SPRUCE IT UP: Tackle your home selling to-do list inside and out. Tighten all those loose doorknobs, fix leaky faucets, and replace the cracked window.  Clean the gutters, trim the hedge, and paint the aging garage door.
  4. DEPERSONALIZE: Home buyers are not interested in your stuff. Strip the fridge of magnets, photos, and lists. Remove family portraits, collectables, and kids’ paintings. Review artwork and consider the average buyer’s tastes.  Pack up the trophies, awards and framed certificates. Hide your prescriptions and skin creams and display only a few decorative items in the bathroom. Remove any personal items that may turn off prospective buyers.
  5. STRAIGHTEN UP CLOSETS:  Storage space is important to buyers.  A closet’s disarray can also send out subliminal messages like ”is there enough storage space?”  .  Make it look like a department store – have uniform hangars, organize clothes by type and color, and use matching storage bins. If you need help with home organization, you might consider hiring a professional organizer.
  6. ORGANIZE KITCHEN: Is your kitchen super clean, bright, and welcoming?  Keep windows clean and clear – remove those plants in the windowsill. Get rid of the countertop nonessentials – the waffle iron, deep fryer, and panini maker. Do NOT leave out cereal boxes or other food.  Organize your cupboards and pack up what you don’t absolutely need, as well as items that are unappealing.
  7. FURNITURE CHECK: You don’t want your home too sparsely furnished (vacant homes take longer to sell) or overly furnished (makes room look small).  Consider storing that over-sized buffet from your dining room and replacing it with something smaller. Make sure your furnishings match the style of the house. If you need help moving, you can contact a move manager.
  8. ELIMINATE ODORS:  Buyers don’t overlook unpleasant odors. The best way to determine if your home smells is to ask someone who doesn’t live there.  They can help find the culprit. For example, it could be the litter box, the dogs or guinea pig, kitchen cupboards in need of a scrub down, or spices that aren’t properly stored.
  9. NEUTRALIZE: Re-paint the bright blue accent wall in your teenager’s bedroom.  Neutral paint colors help prevent potential buyers from being distracted by someone else’s style. When you sell a house, your walls need to be a blank canvas on which they can visualize their own preferences.  “Neutral” doesn’t have to be white – beiges and warm yellows work.
  10. STAGE IT: If you want to sell a house quickly and get your asking price, consider professional staging. This might include rearranging and/or replacing furniture, artwork, bed linens, towels and more.  It sometimes involves modifications to enhance curb appeal, such as driveway repaving or new clay pots at the front door. Everyone perceives a staged home in a better light: buyers see a move-in ready home and can better imagine their belongings there; building inspectors view it as well cared for; and appraisers may subconsciously attach a higher value to a home that shows well.

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