Working From Home? Here’s How to Go From Busy to Productive!

April 5, 2021 | Organization

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If working from home has made you feel busier than ever, remember that “busy” is not synonymous with productive. Being run off your feet doesn’t mean you’re operating efficiently. Consider tweaking your home office setup to maximize productivity. Here are some tips:

Delegate House Management Tasks

Processing medical claims and filing appeals for rejected submissions, filling in summer camp forms and contacting the pediatrician for signatures and immunization records, paying bills and waiting on hold with Verizon, grocery shopping, running errands, securing COVID vaccine appointments for you and your loved ones—all of these tasks take a lot of time. Hire a Personal Assistant to do all these tasks and more, and your 24-7 stress over a long to-do list will evaporate.

Set Up a Clutter-Free Home Office

In the old days, any household mess was “out of sight, out of mind” once you left for the office. With remote working, we’re surrounded by potential distractions all day long. It’s hard to be productive in a cluttered home office. Start with your workspace, and work toward paring down the whole house if the disorganization is stressing you out.

Things Every Home Office Should Have

Looking for a lost file, misplaced flash drive, or your favorite pen wastes precious time. Have well-organized filing cabinets and e-files so information can be retrieved quickly. Desk size must be appropriate for your business needs. Place only items you use regularly within hand’s reach. Office supplies should be stored in a likes-with-likes system. Try to maintain a room temperature suited to your comfort (consider space heaters or fans).

Maintain Efficiency

Make it a habit to clear your home office of excess papers, inactive file folders, unused books, coffee cups, and whatever else is taking up valuable space.

Set Rules With Family

Resist the temptation to use your home office as storage. Don’t allow family members to use your clutter-free room for their out-of-season clothes or college books.

If you’re looking for help improving your remote-work productivity, contact Potomac Concierge. Our creative Personal Assistants and Professional Organizers can help identify ways in which you may be wasting time on delegable tasks or ways in which distractions are eating into your workday.

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