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July 21, 2021 | Moving Tips

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Are you about to make a big move? Make sure you’re ready for everything by planning ahead and double-checking your progress with this five-point checklist. Of course, each point on this checklist could spawn an entire checklist of its own, and much of this needs to be done well in advance to be of full value — so make sure you start early to spare yourself the worst stress of a move.

1. Schedule out your move well in advance.

An effective schedule will take a lot of the pain out of moving, even if it can’t eliminate every complication or pressure point in the months or weeks ahead. An effective schedule should cover as much as possible: when you need to pack different parts of your house, when you need to request records from schools and doctors and other slow-moving bureaucracies, when you need to handle changes of address and schedule service changes, etc.

2. Identify everything that needs to be done before you leave.

If you get close to your move and you’re still thinking of things that absolutely must be handled before you leave, you’ll end up very stressed by the entire experience. Even worse will be if the day of your move arrives, or you’re already on the road, and there are still things popping up that you can’t handle. The further you’re moving, the more important this becomes!

3. Know what you need done at your destination.

At the other end of your move, what do you need to do or what have you done to make your move succeed without any problems? Will you be picking up the keys at the last minute, racing to get utilities turned on, fighting to get basic necessities for bathing and eating ready? Do you need to have school taken care of so your children can get straight back into classes? What will you be doing with your pets when you immediately arrive? Do you need to find a new pet sitter or day care?

4. Figure out how much help you’ll need and reserve assistance.

When the time comes to move, you don’t want to realize late that you need moving assistance and then find out you can’t get it because of scheduling problems. The sooner you decide you need moving help, whether that means full-service, top-to-bottom planning and execution of your move by professionals or an hour of help loading the truck the morning of your move, the better off you’ll be in terms of getting help at a fair price. If you’re going for a more robust moving assistance package, figuring that out early so the mover can help you sooner is a valuable thing.

5. Put together a transition plan.

Moving is naturally stressful, even if you plan everything right — especially the day of the actual move. To keep yourself sane and make the experience minimally traumatic, putting together a plan for the transitional period is critical. That means figuring out how you’re going to pack up the last items and empty out your current home, what you’ll do while you travel, and how you’ll get yourself set up and relaxed upon arrival. The fewer surprises and delays on returning to normalcy you have, the better off you and your family will be.

Choose Potomac Concierge for Moving Help

Moving is difficult, but a poorly planned move is exponentially worse for everyone involved. Make sure you take the time to plan your move and check off these five points before your move draws near, and you’ll be able to enjoy a much more peaceful experience. If it gets overwhelming, don’t hesitate to get professional assistance. Potomac Concierge’s moving services will handle everything on this checklist on your behalf, in full detail, so you don’t have to spend a moment of thought on it.

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