Home Organization Checklist for Aging Parents in Potomac, MD

January 24, 2019 |

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As our parents age, they may require help managing their finances and organizing their homes. It’s important to ensure that their living spaces are comfortable and safe and that their important documents are easily accessible. Potomac Concierge can provide valuable assistance to help you create a functional and accessible environment for both your parents and yourself.

Why Do You Need Moving Help As You Age?

The process of moving or downsizing can be overwhelming, especially for seniors. As we age, once simple tasks can become strenuous or even risky.

Potomac Concierge offers specialized services to assist aging parents with home organization and senior move management, ensuring a smooth transition to their new home. Our professional team handles everything from decluttering and packing to setting up in the new space, making the move less stressful for everyone involved.

Ultimate Home Organization Checklist for Aging Parents

Here are some ways you can help your parents manage their homes more effectively:

  1. Bill payments: Do you see unpaid bills or Second Notice letters around your parents’ house? If you want to escape late fees and stress, you may need help paying your bills. Can you find some time to set up payments to happen automatically? If that isn’t a choice, you might want to ask a personal assistant to help.
  2. Important documents: If your parents have kept files for a long time, they may need to get rid of some of them so that they can quickly find the important ones. They might include birth certificates, passports, wills and powers of attorney, bond certificates, bank statements, and life insurance policies.
  3. How-to guides: Your elderly parents may benefit from some tips on how to pay bills online, send emails, or share photos electronically with family members.
  4. Contacts: You and other close family members should know how to reach your parents’ lawyer, doctor, accountant, and, if they have one, financial planner. Also, think about getting the phone numbers and addresses of friends and neighbors.
  5. Passwords: If your parents have online accounts, set up a safe way for them to keep track of all their passwords. You should know about this.
  6. Safety deposit boxes & safes: Have your parent’s given permission for someone to use their safety deposit box? Do you know how to open their safe at home?
  7. Emergency plan: Do you have a parent who lives alone and is over 65 years old? It’s important to have a plan in case of accidents or bad weather, even if they are in good health. There are various medical alert devices available, and having a buddy system with friends can also be helpful. Do they have a close friend whom you can request to check on them when you are unavailable?
  8. Safety measures: You will feel better knowing that your parents’ home has working smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, that rugs are tacked down to prevent falls, that grab bars are put in the bathroom if needed, and that a stair lift is bought if mobility has become a problem.
  9. Health management: Are you sure that your parent takes all of their medicines as prescribed? If you think you might need help caring for someone, you might want to look into reliable companies. If you don’t know where to start, a personal assistant can help.

Move Management and Home Organization Assistance for Aging Parents With Potomac

At Potomac Concierge, we understand that your loved ones’ health, safety, and happiness are paramount. If your elderly parents are becoming less independent, it may be time to make some changes. 

Our personal assistants specialize in helping the elderly, offering services like move management, downsizing, space planning, and decluttering. We’re here to make their lives — and yours — easier.

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