Are You Prepared to Handle Your Move? 11 Questions to Ask Yourself

March 28, 2019 |

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Moving has been cited as one of life’s most stressful events by mental health professionals. If a move is coming up and you’re wondering how to proceed, here are some considerations:

1) Am I Detail Oriented?

Do you plan ahead, make lists, and write timelines? A move includes obvious tasks like obtaining cost estimates for the pack/move/unpack phases, and possibly arranging a garage or estate sale. What about dealing with items you’re not taking with you? There may be hotels to book. Don’t underestimate small things that add up, like change of address notifications for your utilities, wireless provider, and bank.

2) Is Time Management One of My Strengths?

The total number of man-hours it takes to move out of a family home is substantial. Can you start early and pace yourself, chipping away at your to-do list in an organized fashion?

3) What Is My Availability?

Most people start with a major declutter of their home to avoid moving items they no longer need or furniture and décor that will not fit or suit the new house. Does your work schedule allow you to wait for the charity truck to show up? What about the moving company walk-through? Perhaps the sale of your home is conditional on repair work – can you meet the electrician between 1 and 4 pm on Wednesday?

4) Is My Health Good Enough?

Do you have the strength and stamina for hours of packing and properly labeling everything? As you fill boxes, they need to be stacked, so you have room to live. Can you lift them?

5) Will I Get Reliable Help?

Are there friends or family members willing to help you out? Can you count on them to help with the extent of your move, or is it better to call in some pros?

6) Do I Know What’s Involved?

If you’ve moved recently, you know what’s involved. If you lack the experience, have you given thought to the small things that are so important? For example, if you’re moving to or from parts of DC, don’t forget to consider parking permits.

7) Do I Have Access to A Reputable Vendor List?

Do you have friends you can ask for referrals? You will need a moving company with a solid track record to handle your precious belongings. Which company has the best packing crews? Who will haul away the piles of junk in the basement or attic?

8) How Much Stress Can I Tolerate?

Do you handle stress well? Unexpected issues often arise regardless of good planning. For example, what will you do if the moving van is arriving with no place to park because cars have ignored your permit signs? Do you have a back-up plan for the help you’ve organized? Imagine if the friend who was supposed to be stationed at the new house on move day came down with the flu!

9) How Much Pre-Move Decluttering Is Needed?  

Assess how much paring down is needed. Is your basement chock-full of old books? Are your teenager’s toys from childhood still in the garage? Have you gone through your closets in the last year? You don’t want to overburden your family and friends who’ve volunteered to help.

10) Am I Patient?

If you’re organizing a move for your elderly parents, can you slow down to their speed? It can be difficult for an older person to let go of belongings and to move from their home of 30 years.

11) What Are the Costs & Benefits of Hiring Help?  

Sit down with a pen and paper and jot down the expenses you’ll incur by managing the move yourself. This may include time away from work, extra childcare costs, flights, and hotels for out-of-town family members coming to help you, and restaurant bills (you’ll be too tired to make a home-cooked meal for a few weeks). There is also the potential for expenses incurred as a result of your inexperience such as the cost of moving items you don’t want because you lacked time to arrange for disposal or the damage to valuable antiques caused by an inferior moving company.

Hire Professional Move Managers in DC, MD & VA

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